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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I'm here....

just trying to find my center again. Thank you for all the kind words - I can't respond individually. Every time a comment hits my inbox, the whole post is there....and I start crying again.

We brought her home last night. The cremation place is fantastic - SG had set it all up over the phone, and ordered the cedar box. A few hours after we left the vet, the guy called...."Ummm. I don't think that the cedar box will She.....she's a big dog! I....thecedarboxiskindasmall. I think the oak box would be more appropriate for such a...dignified dog." :smile: He was very professional, and very sympathetic. The oak box looks like a Congreive Cube (from Mr. Magorium's Magical Emporium) - no visible seams, except on the bottom. Very nice - and smaller than I expected.

Having 1 vehicle sucks (wait. Y'all don't know about my Jeep. Short story: When we dropped Libby off Saturday, she was in pristine condition (with the exception of the crack in the bumper I put there with the tractor.) When we got to the dealership Tuesday evening to pick her up, the driver's side rear panel was beat all to hell - deep scratches, white streaks, dings - we were Not Happy. After a lot of back and forth - "it was like that when we - the Service Dept - got it!" "Well, it was NOT like that when we left it with the Sales Dept on Saturday!" - the manager agreed to "look into it". I got a call Wed. AM - "Yeah, OK, when can you drop it off? We're going to fix it!" explanation. He never did tell us WHY they decided to fix it - except that "Well, we are trying to build good-will among our customers!" I call bull-shit, but hey - they're fixing Libby, so all is good. He even said something about maybe having to replace the bumper - even though I LOUDLY admitted *I* did that.) Anyway - I am dependant on SG to get me to and from work. I get off at noon today...he doesn't. So....I get to spend 4 hours with his iPad at the bookstore.

Which is OK......I...have to admit something. I spent most of my free time yesterday visiting IW Breeders' sites. I found a puppy in Arkansas....I.....I don't know that we *want* a puppy. IW puppies need a lot of special attention -you can't let them have the run of the house if you have other dogs, because they are growing SO fast that they can damage their bones and ligaments if you let them over-tire themselves. You have to be hyper-vigilant about puppy-proofing - they can cause more damage in less time, simply because of the sheer size of their jaws. I mean, it's minor stuff.....but...

I need a Wolfie. Snips is trying to fill Zoey's pawprints, but it's just not working. An 18" long dog simply does NOT cause the...I hate to call it "inconvienence", but, let's face it. A 6' long dog takes up MORE floor space than an 18" one. Zoey (and ALL other IW's!) maximized the space - in the kitchen, for example, she would lay down in THE most obnoxious spot - right in between the fridge and the bar. There IS no other way into the kitchen that works - you *can* go thru the weaving room, or you can come in thru the garage and laundry room, but if you're already IN the house neither of those really works. She'd arrange her legs and body in such a way that it took at LEAST 4 steps to get over/around her...Snips, I can just step right over without even noticing that she was in the way. It's.....I miss it. Already.

Last night, we were learning our Hebrew ABC's (THANK YOU Ali! The song is great - and fun!) We were getting silly, and I teared up because there was no canine commentary - no snorts, no eye-brow waggles, no standing in front of the screen to get us to shut up. Just a silly, neurotic Heeler waggling her butt at us because we were! Singing! Just for Her! :sigh: and :lol:, because she was being silly.

I just....I know it's soon, but I *need* another Wolfie. They're NOT like other dogs - I know everybody says that, and I didn't believe it at first, but they really aren't. You can't play fetch with them - I tried. I got the eyebrow lift, and a facial expression that said, quite clearly "Look, lard-butt. YOU need the exercise more than *I* do. YOU go get the stupid ball. I'll walk over there with you - see? I'm walking! - but YOU threw it, YOU go get it!" (Snips, on the other hand, will run after balls All. Day. Long. With butt-wiggles!) Walks, she'd do - but only if I was willing to go where SHE wanted to go. She didn't pull or anything, but if she didn't want to go down to the creek, we'd stop at the horses until I decided I really didn't NEED to go to the creek - it would be more fun to walk around "chasing" the horses, it really would.

The rescue groups don't have anything available right now - which is a good thing, it means IW owners aren't dumping their dogs just because the economy is tough. It's a bad thing for, we're looking. I made it plain to the breeders I emailed - we want a family member, NOT a breeding/show dog, and that this Wolfie WILL be fixed. I don't know - yet - if we'll end up with a puppy; the lady in AR has a boy available but we haven't gotten into deep discussions yet. A boy would be different from Zoey, which is good, and a puppy would certainly take our minds off of comparisons. I'm a little concerned about cost, though....Wolfies aren't cheap (for good reason!). Rescue is cheaper (up front, anyway), and....OK, I prefer Rescue, even though you have to deal with other people's problems.

Still, SG is on board with the puppy idea. The kids are sort of.....Himself wants another female, "just like Zoey".'s hard to figure her out. She's not really into dogs, so......she was OK with the thought. I'm waiting to hear back from the breeder.....SG said a roat trip would be fine, even if we did NOT come home with a puppy. (You don't want to just grab a dog because it's there, you want to make sure the personalities fit. So, you go for a "play date".) We'll see.

I just feel better, knowing we're looking for a new family member.
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