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Weekend Round-Up

Let's see....I got home late Friday (I'm used to the getting home by 1 PM, so getting home at 5 PM IS late!), so had to rush thru a load of laundry before getting dinner on the table. Sweet Geek and I discussed the puppy in Arkansas, and decided against it. NOT because of price (although that *did* factor in!), but because....the breeder "sounded" (this was all email) very upset that we would even *consider* neutering her boy. :shrug: Sorry, but this is a non-breeding/showing house - and we believe in spay/neuter. :sigh:

Saturday, got a call at 8 AM - Libby was ready for pickup! So, I got the kids started on their rooms (it was D-Day - the rooms MUST be clean, or else *I* and SG would do it...and WE throw stuffs away!), then SG and I headed out. Libby has a fresh coat of paint AND a new bumper - which is surprising, since I freely admitted *I* did the damage there, and didn't want or expect anything to be done. They were nice, and all's well. I hit Wallyworld while SG headed home.

That afternoon, SG and I had a large discussion on acquiring accessory. It took quite a bit of back-and-forthing, and a lot of compromize on both our parts....but it was agreed. I made a few phone calls.......and we set up a meeting for Sunday. Both of us need to lose weight - I'll grant, he needs it a little more than me, but I feel too fat to be happy with myself. He has access to a gym via his company, but I don't...and I can't justify paying fees when I *know* I don't have the time to *go* to a gym. So, it's gotta be home-based, and it needs to be fun. CraigsList to the rescue! (Did you know about Search Tempest? It's a nation-wide search for CL.....and it works!)

Sunday morning, I got up at 6 to milk, then got everyone else up and outta bed.....we had to leave NO later than 8 AM. We were supposed to be in Houston by 12 - I need to deviate a minute. We live in Texas - we are all native-born Texans. Texas is Big - y'all know that; you can tell that from any map. us native Texans, it's just.....normal, to drive 1 hour to go shopping, for example. Houston is about 3.5 hours from us - that's really not that far, when you're talking a 1 hour commute every day, know what I mean? So....this really wasn't anything special - Houston was a valid search city. Heck, before we got the goats, we'd run down to NASA a couple times a year, day-tripping it! So, this wasn't "special".

Only....yeah, it was. :lol:

See, the Arkansas breeder wanted a LOT of money for her puppies. I get that; Wolfhounds aren't cheap....and I wasn't asking for a discount. I just....I can't spend THAT kind of money on a dog. (Let's just say that I spent LESS on my first CAR than she was asking for her 3 month old PUPPY, OK?) Thursday, I had found 2 listings for Wolfhounds in Houston - at the time I didn't know they were the same guy; 1 was on Next Day Pets, the other on CraigsList. SG and I discussed it - this guy wanted HALF of what the other breeder wanted, which made me leery - why? What's wrong with them? But.....SG said yes, IF I felt comfortable with the guy, we'd make a run South and check them out, and YES, I could have a puppy IF we found one that "fit".

So, Saturday afternoon I made a call. He had 4 puppies left - 1 female, 3 males. All wheaten, and 4.5 months old. We set up the appointment for noon on Sunday....and I proceeded to freak out. I mean, we could afford it, but still.....SG was missing Zoey, and Himself had broken down Friday evening after telling Grannie that we lost, we discussed it, looked at the budget, and HE said "yes" (I wanted another wolfie, yes, but - it wasn't MY decision. I wasn't going to push it on him - that's not right, nor fair. I had to give a little, on other things, so....I'm happy. :grin:)

Anyway, after a LONG trip (the guy was about an hour South of it was a 4 hour trip - SG "kept up with traffic" and flew low, let's say), we met Sera (Mom), Ace (Dad), and the 4 hooligans....and came home with:

Brianna. This is at her former home - I didn't think to get pics of her littermates, I was having too much fun being frisked by Ace and Sera. Ace decided I was alright, and was allowed to skritch the ears - Sera didn't care WHO was doing the skritching, just as long as her "Dad" was in sight. Both parents are wheaten, and both were the typical IWs, very friendly as long as Dad told them we were OK.

The pups were rambunctious - and ran ALL over the cul-de-sac. Bree was the leader - but all of them were a bit shy. Not scared-shy, just "who are you we don't know you don't touch us unless we initiate it!" shy. Himself befriended Sera, which meant he got rolled by puppies pretty quickly; Herself mostly stood and looked at the palm trees. SG had already said he wanted the female, unless 1 of the boys chose us.....none of them did, so, Bree it was!

She was a little scared - and I understand. Being removed from the only home she's known, and her can put the seats down separately in the Jeep, so we quickly rearranged (she's a talker....she was fine until we turned out of the subdivision, then she started crying. Himself was able to do the seats while still belted in...); by the time we hit the Interstate, Himself had fallen asleep, and she decided he was an OK pillow. :lol:

We made 1 stop on the way home; after that Himself sat up and she wiggled around so she could still nap on him. She was a good girl - once she decided he was OK, she was fine. (I think *I* don't have a heart-hound, I think *he* does, but that's OK. Zoey was *mine*, or, more to the point, *I* was *hers*, but she was still great with the kids. I don't have to be owned again!)

I don't have any good shots from the was 5:30 and too dark for my phone to take decent pictures. Bailey sniffed her, and said "Huh"; Snips quickly realized that now SHE could tear up the house, and not get blamed for it. :lol: Bree wasn't sure what to make of Snips - I don't think she's ever seen a dog *smaller* than her, but Bailey was greeted with tail-wags and sniffles. She quickly figured out the pet door, but right now doesn't like being away from us. (Yes, we have a velcro-dog. That'll fade in a few days.)

SG slept on the couch last night (long story....Himself was having problems, and ended up with me. :sigh:), so Bree slept in the family room...actually ON the floor. I don't know what to think about *that* - Wolfies belong on the couch! :lol: This AM she was happy to see me....and she promptly ran into the bedroom and presented me with 3 right shoes. I....have already apologized to SG about complaining about Snips; Bree is gonna be a handful! :lol: She discovered the electric fence (poor thing...I tried to prevent it, but.....:sigh:), so I'm not concerned about her 'testing' it. The goats.....she's not sure about them, yet.

Once she gets settled in, we'll start working on walkies and introduce her to everybody. She's inquisitive, and not at all sensitive (that I can tell) - except for missing her littermates, she's pretty OK with everything that's been thrown at her. I had the kids lock the dogs outside today - I want to make sure she KNOWS that outside is the bathroom, inside is the den. We don't quite have that concept down, yet...and IW's make big puddles. :grin: (Thankfully, I have a bunch of old towels. They come in handy!)

She's on Purina puppy chow right now....I'm going to switch her over to something better, soon. Probably Taste of the Wild - I had been doing a LOT of reading on pet nutrition, to try and help Zoey's arthritis....I just hadn't had a chance to implement any of it. So, we'll do it now. Yes, the dog food will cost more.....but....if it helps Bree (and Bailey) live longer, it's worth it.

So. We have a new walk assistant. At 6 months old, IWs need to walk at least 1 mile a, looks like my big butt needs to get moving! :lol: Weight-loss and companionship all in 1 sweet package - yeah, I think we got a bargain!
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