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Singin' the Puppy-blues....

Actually, not - Bree is (so far!) the...dare I say it?...perfect pup. NO chewing (yet), no messes (except for 2 puddles Sunday evening/Monday morning).....she IS attracted to shoes, yes, but all she's done thus far is *bring* them to the humans. She hasn't tried to kill them, she hasn't eaten them.....she picks them up and brings them to me. :lol: Also hats - she LOVES hats. Stuffed toys, not so much - but belts are fun. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.....this has been too easy. She figured out the pet door, and knows that outside is the doggie bathroom. Inside is doggie beds, and food, and peoples.

She's a talker, though....right now, I think it's because she misses her littermates. No barking, just soft whines. Last night she kinda freaked when we went to bed - I mean, no people! Where did they go??! So, she did bed-checks. :sob: and :lol: I don't know where she ended up - Snips took over the blanket I had put down for Bree. Eventually, she'll have a proper bed - I found a place online that sells the foam cores for pet beds - a Wolfhound-sized bed will run - at pet stores - $200 ON SALE. This place? $18.97, + $15 in shipping. Let's see....even adding in the fabric to cover it (and I have an old Merino Wool Matress pad that will be the bulk of the cover) doesn't come CLOSE to $200. So....yeah, I gotta find a pattern. (I think Snips'll end up with whatever bed we get anyway....but hey - might as well *try* to get Bree convinced that a dog bed is proper for Her Princessness to sleep on. :snicker:)

All 3 Nubians have been bred. Annie and Mocha are back in with the other does; Inara is still in with Calvin - I want to be sure she takes. Then I get to start the tetracycline on the Alpines......they'll be bred in December. Not sure about the Cashmeres yet....we're still discussing them.

I'm watching the dollar......when I went to Thrallmart Saturday, prices were WAY up. $300 for groceries! Yes, we were out of a lot of paper goods (which are usually pricey), but...I only got 87 items. That's.....up a lot from my normal! (And that didn't include ANY meat or dairy! Or a lot of processed foods......the only pre-made stuff I buy are pancakes, because I can't make 24 pancakes for $2.89. Not even close.....those I buy. :sigh:) Elections are coming up.....and stress levels are building. SOMETHING'S gonna give!
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