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It's Wednesday....

and it started bad. Both kids - BOTH - decided today would be a good day to go ballistic...right at 6 AM. We didn't get out of the house until 6:30....and then there were *I* didn't get to the office until 7:50. SG is SUPPOSED to be at work at 7....yeah, that didn't happen. :sigh:

Hit the pet store and got Bree some Blue Buffalo Puppy Chow. She snarfed it up like she was starving....which, she wasn't, but I'm sure she was hungry. She HATES the Purina Puppy Chow....would only eat enough to be polite. BB? Vaccuumed it right up. I think we have a winner....and it's not THAT much more expensive than the Purina. ($16 vs $12, for the 6 pound size. I'll be stocking up on the 1st). The other dogs have been switched to Eukunuba...but I think I'll be switching them again - this time to the BB Longevity formula. Again, price is comparable, but BB doesn't use fillers, and it's got a lot of meat and meat by-products - STATED - in it.

Bree "met" the goats and chickens last night...she watched the birds, but was a bit timid about the goats. She watched Snips play frisbee....she wanted to play, but had to wait until we got them back in the backyard. I don't quite trust her enough to let her free range our a week or so, yeah, but not right now.

Lunch date today - whoo hoo! :wink: (And......go Rangers! :shhhhh: don't wanna jinx it, but we are 27 outs away from the World Series!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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