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Slightly late start today...

because co-worker decided we NEEDED to stop and pick up some cinnamon-pecan coffee cake this morning. Free food? I'm there! :lol:

Herself had a major melt-down. Started last night....she remembered that she had a video project due for Communications TODAY. She remembered last night at 6. :bangs head: Good thing my Nikon has a video function, huh? I handed the camera to SG and went about evening chores....I came in and she was almost in hysterics over the stupid PSA.

She was supposed to do a video talking about the dangers of drug use. 'K....easy enough, right? Only, she's an Aspie, and they DO NOT COMMUNITCATE WELL. I don't know whose bone-headed idea it was to force her into this class - yes, it's "required", but they've waived other requirements......she simply can NOT handle talking in front of people; a camera? Worse - look, she can't even talk on the PHONE, for pity's sake! :sigh:

SG asked about the assignment...and proceeded to tell her the least required wasn't good enough (Mistake #1). Look, I agree - usually. But in this case? Let's just get it over with! He then told her to write a script (Mistake #2) - she had a hand-out from the teacher, and she wanted to just read that. (Which it stated - DO NOT DO. :sigh:) We were about in shut-down mode, when I saw Bree on the couch, zonked out and remembered the STOOPID commercials from the 80's. :hee:

SG was against it, but we did it - I figure, anything is better than nothing, right? Herself did a quick intro, then said "This is your brain" and I panned down to Snips, who - at that moment - was laying peacefully on the couch. "This is your brain on drugs" got Snips launching herself at Bree, who gleefully began pounding her into the couch cushion. Herself was supposed to say "Drugs make you think you can take on the world...but you can't", but lost it when Bree pinned Snips and began licking her face. :snicker:

Granted, my video quality was set for outdoors, and the whole thing is grainy, and she only spoke for about 15 seconds. Still, she has soemthing to turn in and I prevented a melt-down.

Until this morning, when SG asked her to watch it to make sure it was what she wanted to turn in. :sigh: I can't win......(she said it was fine, but that was before he even turned it on, so who knows?)

Anyway......Bree is pretty used to the leash now, and we are working on "heel" and "sit". She's not that fond of the Blue Buffalo - unless I top it with people food - but I have samples of Taste of the Wild coming (if you email them a question about their formulas, they will send you free samples. :grin:). I can get that at Tractor Supply, and it's cheaper than the BB, so I forsee a switch. Again. :sigh:

Knitting: Working off-and-on on the Nutkin socks. I am on the 4th pattern repeat of sock #2...I'm bored with it. :sigh: I am currently knocking out washcloths...they're boring, yes, but they're fast, and I need some for holiday prezzies. :lol: Thrall-mart had Peaches-n-Cream cotton yarn on for $1.47...I can get 2 cloths out of each ball. So....almost instant gratification. (I'm bored with my default pattern, though - it's easy. CO 3. K1, YO, K to end. Repeat until a)you're sick of it or b) you have at least 20 YO's on each side. Next row: K2tog, YO, K2tog, K to end. Repeat until you have 3 stitches left, BO. See? Easy-peasy, and you end up with a bias-knit wash cloth.)

Off at a lot to do before then!
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