Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Weekend Re-cap....

Let's see.. Friday was normal; did laundry, had a nice roast for dinner, Rangers are going to the World Series...:lol:

Saturday: It was the annual Fall Scarecrow Festival here in town :yawn:, so we decided it would be a good opportunity to help Bree socialize. Packed her and Snips up and the kids, and headed to the Town Square. It was.....lame, as usual, but good for the puppy. Crowded, with lots of loud music, tons of kids shouting/screaming...she was nervous at first, but finally decided to just go with the flow. :grin: She's still not comfortable around crowds, but she's better now than she was.

LOTS of people commented on her: "Wow! She's big! And not full-grown? OhMyGosh!" "Is THAT an Irish Wolfhound? I've always wanted to see one!" and more in the same vein. She was shy....but, again, got a little less shy as we progressed around the Square.

Got home just as the sky opened and flooded us. We spent the rest of the day under Tornado warnings (2 spotted, both SE of us, thankfully), with hail and high winds. We were snug, though....and I got almost all of the Hannukah prezzies wrapped. :lol:

Today, it's sunny - right now, anyway. Hope some of the water dries up - it's a sloggy, muddy mess right now. I gotta run to TSC for oats for the goats (and maybe a new chew toy or 2). Miss Bree likes chewing on cardboard tubes...:lol:

And - THE RANGERS ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!! I don't normally keep up with sports, but I've wanted this ever since the '80s, when Nolan Ryan was pitching all those no-hitters. When he offered to buy the Rangers this year, I said "I hope he gets them, then goes to the Series!"...and now, he has and we are!!!!!! First time in FRANCHISE HISTORY that we've made it this far.......yes, I'm excited. I actually teared up when Nolan threw out the first pitch of the ALC was a very cool moment. (We even PAID to watch the series, since our local stations weren't carrying it....thank goodness you can watch on your computer! It was only $9.99 for all 7 games.....normally I wouldn't have done it, but this was history-in-the-making) Besides, we haven't had a winning team in this town for a while, now...and the Cowboys SUCK this year.

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