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On coincidences....

OK, I've been mulling something over lately, and a conversation with a friend sorta "pushed" me into doing it now. I don't believe in coincidences - random acts that just happen to occur at the exact right moment. I can't buy that - it's too......too many things happen at just the right moment for them to be random. I believe that God - Yah - makes things happen - just that most people can't believe that.

Take my house, for instance. First husband was killed, it took 9 months to get the death certificate changed (long story; if you don't know, take my word for it that it was HELL), then I finally got the life insurance money. A whopping $50K. (Side note - please take a moment to look over your debts and your life insurance. If you don't have enough insurance to cover ALL the bills - house, car, credit cards, student loans - with a wee bit left over for your spouse/children, please look into increasing it. Take it from me, what you think will be enough won't be. Funeral expenses alone can run up to $10K - for a CHEAP funeral. Cremation runs $2K and, yeah. Bear in mind also that most funeral homes will NOT wait for insurance - they want cash up front. Just sayin') That wasn't enough to pay off the house - we thought we had the term life on it, but we had been lied to -or all the bills. Anyway, what to do? I couldn't stay where we were.....but I didn't have the cash to pay outright for a new house.

I prayed. A lot. The Lord led me here, to this property, and He led me to the company that built my house. There is NO doubt - a lot of things just "magically" fell into place; too many to be random happenings. The seller of the land took $5K less than her lowest price, the home builders gave me the best rate they offered at the time on the construction loan, PLUS they were running the only sale they ran each year, and my house was $20K off....I'm sorry, but there's NO way I can explain it except that it was Divine.

It's not just the big stuff, either.....I'm led to just the right thing at the right time. Inara? Our colored Nubian doeling? The only one listed on Craigslist, for the exact price we could afford, with the right bloodlines - and the ONLY Nubian her breeder needed to sell. Our shed? Again, right price, right time. I could go on and on.....

Brianna is the latest. Last year, SG and I discussed her - we knew she was getting older, and he knew how important having a Wolfie around is to me. In March, I filled out the application for the Rescue Group, and got on the waiting list - I thought I'd have more time. I wasn't looking - I had Zoey, and we didn't need 4 dogs. If the Rescue Group had called me, yeah, we'd'a had 4, but I was willing to let Him provide.

Then we had to put her down. Thursday I was devastated...but something - or should I say, SomeONE - kept pushing me to look for a puppy. I pushed back at first - it's too soon, I don't really WANT a puppy - but I couldn't shake the feeling that I HAD to look. The breeder from Arkansas didn't "feel" right, but I emailed her anyway.....and then, late Thursday afternoon, I found NextDay Pets. Never heard of them before, but there was a guy in Houston with a litter. A little more than half of what the Ark. breeder wanted - which made me nervous, to be honest. Still, I emailed....and then I decided to check CraigsList...nothing here, but Houston! Houston had 1 ad...which turned out to be the same guy. Y'all know how THAT ended. :lol:

Now, the past week I've been feeling guilty about spending that much money on a dog. I mean.....I feel selfish - should I have done it? Today....well, today I got confirmation that finding - and buying - Bree wasn't a mistake. We went to TSC to grab a bag of oats for the milkstand; like normal, I wandered the pet supply section just to see what they had. Found a "wolfhound-proof" chew toy (I hope! :lol:)....some Brewer's Yeast and Garlic tablets (for flea control)...and then we found the sale of the week.

Dog Beds. WOLFHOUND-sized dog beds....for $29.99. We looked at each other, and grabbed the one and only Green one they had. Yes, I had found the foam-core for $18.96 on it's $15 shipping. So....almost $45 for *1*, and I'd still have to cover it. Still cheaper than most Jumbo beds, yes...but we found on for $30! Ready to go!

Needless to say, we bought 1 for Bree (and 1 for Snips. $19.99. We didn't buy 1 for Bailey, because he spends his evenings sprawled on the back porch, barking at....everything. He sleeps on the rug at the end of my bed - he refuses to sleep on the sofa, and the last bed I bought him he ate. :lol:) I told the cashier I couldn't believe the price - and she said she couldn't either - they NEVER put the Jumbo beds on sale, and they just went on today, and these were the "good" ones - she had bought one last year for her Heeler, and it was still in good shape.

Granted, some people will still claim this is just a bunch of coincidences, and I am kidding myself that God does things like this. I can't believe that - He DOES care, and He does provide. I don't know *why* I needed another wolfie - maybe I didn't *need* her - but He did provide Bree for me. Too many things fell into place - and still are for it to be anything other than Divine providence.
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