Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Sleepless night #2

I do NOT like the psychologist we took Himself to. We've taken him to her before, and I had forgotten about it....I don't like her. We spent the entire hour yesterday talking about Herself, and ignoring Himself, who was RIGHT THERE in the chair. :sigh: The lady wants to have Herself committed.......she's never SEEN the child, she's never SPOKEN to the child, so yeah - you really think I'm going to jump right on that??? Not even....

I don't think she has any sort of clue about children on the Spectrum. When she told us to have her admitted, I tried to defuse it by saying..." probably ought to talk to her doctor first, since HE'S the one who's been, y'know, TALKING to her." She got all defensive......:sigh:

See, I have no problem having Herself get the help she needs.....but. You simply do NOT take an Aspie and dump them in an unfamiliar place with absolutely NO warning. It won't help, and will actually make things worse (if my previous experiences with Herself are any indication). I don't see the....humanity? Compassion? of doing that to her. Yes, she is causing some of Himself's problems. I get that - heck, we told the psychologist that! - but.....I don't think pushing her off on someone else is the correct thing to do.

The main thing we're dealing with is bullying......I can't do a damn thing about the school - but the principal is on it. I can leave for work a little later...which is what I'm doing. I'll stay until the kids go to our neighbor's, then I have to book it to get to work only a little (hopefully) late. Not the best solution, no - but what else can I do? (Afternoon's aren't the issue, since her meds are working. It's the mornings before the meds kick in that's the problem...and I can NOT get her up any earlier. 5:30 is early enough!)

Part of it is financial.....if I just quit, I get nothing. Yes, the major bills are covered by the kids' SSI.....but not the Jeep payment. If I quit, the Jeep goes back....and I have no car to take the kids to/from school. Homeschooling.....I could, but I think I would need to do it from the start of the school year, not the middle (but I am willing to do whatever it takes) - because that would be easier on Herself. IF, however, I get laid off - I get a nice severance package that would pay off the Jeep. See the dilemma? (Let me also add that I am not comfortable with the thought of HS my 2. I could do it, but keeping both of them engaged and interested would be a problem. It is do-able.....I'm just not "there" yet.)

So....I am tired. Stressed. But I just got puppy-kissed, so things aren't all that bad.
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