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Thank you!

For your comments - instead of answering each individually, I'll just do it all here. It's easier, and I don't have to come up with a new post. :lol:

We are looking for a different psychologist. I will NOT be taking him back to this one - she sucks, and I don't feel that she's very professional. We've contacted Herself's doctor - he does NOT believe she needs to be committed (ya think?); they are working on her meds. They suggested we - eventually - get both kids in with the same therapist, but they had no names to ones local to us. I may have to travel....but we're still trying to keep it close to home.

SG and I have discussed me becoming a SAHM. *I* can't up and leave until after the Holiday break....I need the bonus to pay our property taxes. Now, IF the boss decides to get rid of me, that's a whole 'nother story....see, there's this little clause in the agreement that says something about missing work for an extended period due to medical reasons...we get the severance then. I am NOT putting my job first - but I can't see how to write things to make that clear....I mean....OK, I do trust God. No questions about that. I know that if I just up and walk away He'll provide. But...I've asked, and I haven't been told to quit yet. It's definatly on the, why I'm still here? I dunno.

The severance would pay off the Jeep and most of SG's credit cards, which would make my loss of income a non-item. It honestly wouldn't affect us financially (and *that's* amazing!). IF I don't get the severance (but if it's after bonus time)...well, we'd have to make some decisions. The Jeep would have to go - probably - and we've have to pay cash for something for me to run around in. (Thank Yah the truck is paid off!). We've pared the bills down pretty much....the only thing left to cut back on is my cell plan (which...I just renewed, thanks to the broken phone. :sigh: $250 to get out of the contract). IF I leave without the taxes would be an issue. $3200/year on our property. :sigh: We are working on the Ag exemption, which will knock those down to around $1200/year - unless TX freezes values to keep bringing in income. (Don't laugh - I can see that happening!)

So....I have to stay long enough to be able to pay the taxes. After that....SG is on board with me staying home, but....he's not *ready* for me to DO it. Yet.

Homeschooling 1.......that won't really help. Himself is being bullied at school, as well as at home, but Herself NEEDS the socialization. IF I stay home.....I'm a hermit. I HATE people. We wouldn't leave the house much, which would be bad for her. Our county doesn't really offer a lot of.....stuff for Aspie's, so I'd have to force myself to go out and look for something; but with only 1 income it'd have to be free. And...the HS group around here is.....well, I'm not impressed. Most of their kids are UNDER-educated, and....I can't keep my mouth shut. (They're not Anna or Ali, let's just say. 1 of the moms thinks that 5 minutes a day PER SUBJECT is enough. Her boys.....are.....well, they're at least 2 years UNDER the reading level, to begin with, and neither one could count change the last time I saw them. The oldest is Himself's no, I'm not impressed, and I really don't want my children around that.)

:sigh: Right now, I am going in late, except on Fridays (half day for me). SG is talking to his boss - yesterday we both stayed late. I got in actually on time (the HOV lane saved us!), but SG was 1 hour "late". If we carpool, he can't work late......but he can work thru lunch. If we don't carpool, he'll be on time, but I'll be about 20 minutes late every morning (which...Ms. boss doesn't know. Co-worker doesn't WANT her to *I* don't care - I gotta stay home to keep the sibling bullying down. The school has made allowances for Himself - he is NOT going outside for recess until at least January - he will either go to the Library to play "Physics Games" online (I LOVE this principal, I really do - she broke the Firewall for him!) or to the principal's office to do origami or Legos (which she is bringing from home just for him.) So...I feel better on the school issue, we just gotta get Herself straightened out.

I feel better today - I got home at 5:15 last night, and was asleep by 6:20. Didn't wake up until I feel alive. Himself spent the evening decorating cupcakes for his class's Halloween party (he baked the cupcakes Wed. evening).....they're silly, but he's happy. I'll try to upload a photo later - I got a couple of cell-phone pictures. :grin:

Rangers....2 down. It's OK, we have 5 games to go. They're home the next 3 games....they can still pull this out. :nods: I just won't wear my Rangers gear until we win the whole thing! (Or the season ends...whichever comes first. :grin:)
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