Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I found a new vet!

And I LIKE him! He's just across the street from the idjit that put Zoey to sleep.....he inherited his father's practice. He's young......but very, very personable, and he *likes* dogs. (Hey -some vets don't. You can tell!)

PLUS (and this is the biggie) - he is willing to look at my goats! He admitted that he has little to no experience, but - if *I* was willing to work with him, he'd have no problems. :blink:

This is HUGE. Do y'all have *any* idea how hard it is to find a GOAT vet around here? (hint: Impossible!) To find one who is willing to TRY is a big deal! I told him I have "Goat Medicine" and was willing to share. :lol:

He's nice. Brianna was scared, so he spent some time talking to her, letting her sniff all over the (small) office; he gave her lots of pets before AND after the necessary shots/exams, and he gave her a nice, smelly liver treat when he was done. VERY patient with her - which I like. He also spent some time telling me what/when the next shots were due, AND he told me about an IW breeder *nearby* that we could - when/if we wanted to - get a boy from to breed (because, he said "She's Beautiful! Y'all are going to breed, right?" which......I dunno. And I told him so. SG wants to...I don't really. We'll see.)

So......I am pleased with that.

Now to find Himself a new therapist.
Tags: pets

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