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Weekend Stuffs....

Let's see....took Bree to the vet Friday - I think we have a winner! Nice, personable, is willing to look at my goats - yeah, he's a keeper! :grin: Also got Rosetta Stone - but more on that in a minute.

Yesterday was running around day. We had thought about going to the Alliance Air Show in Ft. Worth...but got a late start. Late as in breakfast wasn't until 9:30...which isn't good for me; the drive is 2 hours. So...we decided to skip it. :sigh: Instead, we did running around - TSC for Alfalfa pellets (the goats HATE these :sigh:), Wally-world for some more wash cloth cotton yarn....boring but necessary stuffs. Rangers won...:lol:

Today, got up late. My alarm clock has the automatic DST setting....and it re-set last night, because it doesn't know CONgress changed the date. :sigh: The goats were NOT happy with us.....

Sweet Geek is putting in a post in the chicken run. We're setting up a hay barn so I can stock up. We took the kennel panels and made a "sun porch" in front of the coop - the gate will stay open most of the time, but we'll be able to shut them up when needed. We're going to put a tarp on top for shade.....I like it; it's a cool idea that I never would have thought of.

Hebrew: whew. I LIKE EuroTalk; it's an easy-to-use format that's fun, and it's relatively inexpensive. SG, however, succumbed to advertising; he was adamant that we HAD to have Rosetta Stone. Jewish Software has Level 1 on sale for $189 (that's CHEAP for RS - usually each level is $249!), so he whipped out the ol' AmEx card. I wasn't on board, but he pulled the "we bought you a dog, we can buy this for *us*" card (note: He normally doesn't do that - and the dog WAS his idea, so please don't think he manipulated me or anything, OK? Marriage is all about compromise.....and I've already paid for 1/2 the RS cost. This is why we have a pantry....) He went directly to RS's website; they have all 3 levels (plus extras - mp3 files, headset microphone, on-line access for 1 user (we haven't set that up yet, and probably won't)....the HomeSchooling Edition has even more, but we decided we didn't need all of them. Oh - you can have 4 users on the Personal Edition and.....I think 6 or 8 on the HS edition. You *could* just "double up" on the Lessons, though - let 1 kid do it, then wipe it clean and start over with another kid. Just sayin' have to do a sound-check before each session starts, listed at $479. So.....he called. Ordered all 3 levels of Hebrew....and was billed $450. :scratches head: With tax, it came to $518.....I can't figure out *what* they did. It should have been $539 (or thereabouts).....I guess they have a call-in discount? I dunno....

Anyway, it came in Friday (free 2nd day shipping). He installed it, and set himself and me up as users (I'll do the kids tonight). I didn't play with it on the Sabbath (I don't do computers, since I am on a computer ALL day at work)...but I did during the game last night/this AM.

:whew: OK.....EuroTalk starts out with a word list. You see the word, you hear the proper pronunciation, and you see a picture of whatever it is. Kinda like "See Spot Run", only in Hebrew. Rosetta Stone? ALL Hebrew, NO English AT ALL. It drops you in and expects you to swim. Yes, it starts "easy" - boy and girl. Within 2 screens, though, it throws groups of boys and girls at you, doing stuff. Then it adds men and women - and immediately goes into activities. It's......hard! My first time thru part 1, Lesson 1 I got 73% - that's a bit discouraging for someone who always tested well. :gulp: It doesn't help that Hebrew has masculine and feminine word endings and verbs and.........:blink: When you don't know WHAT the word is, trying to decipher masculine and feminine is just about impossible.

This AM, I started 87% this time, so I kept going. There's like....4 Lessons in each Level (I think - I'm still on Lesson 1!), and each Lesson consists of the first part, then Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, and Writing (and maybe more - I quit after the Reading portion because I was overwhelmed). It' By the time I got to Reading, I was starting to see patterns in the words - it doesn't help that Hebrew is BACKWARDS to English in regards to direction-of-reading. I did pretty well on that portion - I think 93%.

They claim to be the world's best at language teaching....and I can see why. It's just hard to wrap my brain around, the way they dump you in without any instruction - seriously. On 1 part (I can't remember which - I spent 45 minutes this morning working on it) you hear a phrase, and have to pick the photo that matches. NO directions...I couldn't figure out what it wanted (there is a little-bitty "?" at the top right of the screen.....but you don't *see* it. It started blinking after I sat there 5 minutes, and when I clicked it, it told me to match the photo to the phrase. Gee, couldn't ya have made it a bit more obvious?? recommendation for EuroTalk still stands......but if you want to learn a language FASTER, and IF you can afford it, spring for Rosetta Stone. Just be prepared to be embarrassed by your....I don't want to say stupidity, because you're not stupid for not knowing the new language, but.....I'm telling ya, I couldn't figure out *what* it wanted me to do in some spots. And even when I thought I had a word *down* (Ish = man; Isha = woman), I still screwed up when they started tossing GROUPS of men and women at me. Or new activities....some of them at least sorta resemble English (I'm thinking "run" and "swim" - both of the Hebrew words sorta-kinda resemble the English words, which made it easy to pick out the activity. The men/women doing it kept throwing me, though...and let's not even DISCUSS cooking, reading, or writing. They got me every time :sigh:)

Gotta rustle up lunch - Cowboys will start losing at 3; Rangers play at 7. Go Rangers! We need at least *1* winning team in this town!! :lol:
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