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Previous Entry :ugh: Nov. 3rd, 2010 @ 06:33 am Next Entry
Spent the night itching. Because we took our boss to lunch for her birthday. Wait.....let me back up a minute.

Mrs. boss's birthday was Monday. We had scheduled lunch with her for yesterday......had picked one of her favorite French restaurants. Even "sent" her an invitation! :grin: We were all set.....and then it rained. And Rained. AND Rained.

OK, time for Plan B - lunch at the Mercury. No biggie - I LOVE the Mercury. Never had a bad meal there...until yesterday.

Chris makes this fantastic "Cracklin' Chicken". I don't know how he does it, but it's skin-on; the skin is crisp and crunchy while the meat is moist and tender. Yummy! So when the waiter told us yesterday's special was Fried Chicken, I said sure - I mean, Chris is good at chicken! Only.....not so much *fried* chicken.

The special is the "businessman's lunch" - 3 courses for $20. Inexpensive (for this restaurant!), usually good, always fast. You get either a house salad or soup, the entree, and the dessert of the day. Not huge portions, but you leave full. Yesterday's menu consisted of salad or Pumpkin soup (I chose the salad), the Fried Chicken with mousellined potatoes and gravy (basically puree'd potatoes), and Avocado salad (think potato salad with Avocados and boiled eggs instead of potatoes). Dessert was Apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream.

The salad was good. The entree........OK. Mayo should NOT be anywhere near Avocados....:ugh: The potatoes were good - they were served in a small cast-iron pot; potatoes on the bottom, then gravy, then swirled with pan drippings. The chicken.......have you ever had Banquet frozen fried chicken? Yeah....this tasted like that...the skin had that crisp-but-strangely-soggy texture, and it had that funky taste. :ugh: I manfully ate it, though - I was hungry! - and awaited my dessert.

First up, I'm not fond of fruit pies/cobblers. I don't like the syrup that they contain...but hey - it came with lunch, so no big deal, right? Small portion, I can eat it........

The apples were great - just the right balance between too squishy and too crisp. The flavor was *great*....sweet, slightly cinnamon-y, and the ice cream balanced it well. There was a swirl on top.....looked like caramel, and I didn't think anything of it.

Until bite #5, when my ankle started itching. Then my elbow.........

I am allergic to honey. I break out in hives. This? Was *smothered* in honey - and I didn't twig on it until I started itching. And itching. The entire rest of the day was spent discreetly scratching......

It took 2 Benedryl last night to control it enough so I could sleep. I'm still itchy this morning.....:sigh: At least I have mild reactions.....it could have been *much* worse.

But no more cobbler from the Mercury!
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From:Ali Snowdale
Date:November 3rd, 2010 01:42 pm (UTC)
Do you have allergies to things other than honey? Is it severe enough that you can't eat a honey graham cracker? is it only if you eat it, or topically also? are beeswax candles a problem?
Oh I know the 20 questions! sorry about that, I just wonder what is it about honey that is the culprit. Especially since honey is used to treat a lot of allergies and skin ailments.
I always thought of honey as one of those non-reactive health generating foods, in fact all this time I thought it was one of the safest things in the world. I also find it interesting because I know a lot of people think they are allergic to milk, because milk from the store makes them sick, but the raw goat milk is fine - milk and honey are unique in that they are liquids we harvest from animals. SO there is an infinate amount of variety there. I truly believe that many people who think they are allergic to milk are actually only allergic to a specific component of milk...maybe the antibiotics, or some chemical used on the crops or that has found its way in to the animals water or something in the processing.
And I wonder if it is honey itself or something that the bees are coming in contact with that would cause a reaction. for example - if you were allergic to pineapple and the bees lived in a pineapple field. Very interesting. Hope you are feeling better soon.
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Date:November 3rd, 2010 01:48 pm (UTC)
Good questions! Let's see.....I am highly allergic to bee/wasp stings. I swell up like a balloon; if it's on my face I go to the ER so I can breath. Anywhere else Benedryl works.

I've tried honey in a hair treatment.....and my scalp broke out in tiny red whelps. It took *3* treatments for me to realize HEY! Honey! Duh! :shakes head: (Yes, I am blonde!)

I haven't tested it to see if *cooking* the honey (like, using it instead of sugar) would cause the reaction - I know heating it is supposed to "kill" it, but I microwaved the hair mask and still reacted......it's possible that I've been eating it *in* stuff with no problems. (Baklava. Ah......LOVE it, but I itch. That, however, is worth it. The cobbler? Not so much. :lol:)

Beeswax candles don't seem to cause any reaction....but, again, I haven't sat down and tested it. I normally buy the cheap Wal-Mart candles.....I need to check this out!

Many years ago, I tried taking Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly.....I could NOT figure out why I felt like I was 3 days dead. The day after I cut both out, I felt normal. :sigh: I think it's the bee spit.....although I don't get spit when they sting me.......
Date:November 3rd, 2010 04:09 pm (UTC)
I'm "allergic" to honey too. I use the quotes because I believe that I'm actually allergic to pollen that gets encapsulated in the honey, since I'm allergic to just about every pollen known to man. Fortunately all I get are mild hay fever scratchy throat type reactions so I tend to ignore them and eat what I want. You're right, baklava is SO worth it.
My husband is allergic to shrimp, he gets severe migraines which his dr thinks means he's going to be developing anaphylaxis soon. We gave up going to restaurants that serve any type of shrimp because he can't even eat something that's been fried in the same oil shrimp has been in. You'd be surprised at the amount of inadvertent cross contamination that occurs in even the most careful of kitchens.
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