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Random Ramblings.....

1. No sleep last night. At. All. :sigh: Not sure why, but.......I am dead today. Starbucks can only do so much, y'know?

2. Apps. Been playing with my phone, and browsing the App store. Found a cool Astronomy one: Pocket Universe. It uses the location finder in the phone to show you what you're looking at in the sky - AND it moves as you do. Coolness! Also found a freeware "keyring" - it keeps all my sites/passwords in one spot, protected. Now I just need to transfer everything OFF my obsolete Palm Pilot to the phone.....

3. Brianna is no longer perfect puppy. Why? She doesn't eat shoes, or clothes, or, she eats RUGS. My lovely wool rug in the bedroom is It's because Snips is "stealing" all her toys....but still. My rug! Ah, well - if that's ALL she destroys, that's OK. I got my money's worth out of the rug already....and I was :shhhh: ready for a change. (No, I'm not just saying was a $90 rug from Tuesday Morning 6 years ago. The green is the wrong shade, you can't clean it, dry cleaners HATE working with it, and it's rough on your feet. Still, it was a rug, and it was I can look for something more suitable - AFTER the chewing stage is over! :lol:)

3a. She's a barker. BARKER. :sigh: If she's not in the bathroom while I'm showering, *everybody* knows she's upset. We're working on that.

4. Kids. Doing OK...Herself still can't quite keep it together all morning. Need to talk to the doc. Himself is better....seeing a new doc Wednesday.

4a. Physics Phestival is next week, and the boys haven't started. They've got a plan - I think - and that's on the weekend's agenda. Also a trip to Academy for - get this - catcher's mitts and a ball. Seems someONE has baseball fever...a hint: it's not Himself. :snicker:

5. Hebrew. Moving along. I'm on Lesson 2, now. Rosetta Stone is expensive, but it's have a section on vocabulary, then pronunciation, then reading, and then "conversations". They also have mp3 files, which are *great* - I listen to them in the car, and it helps - I get the pronunciation down, and I visualize *what* I'm saying. And...they have a Mobile App. It's free *(for 1 user)* when you purchase the product; it's $25 for each additional user ( comes with their online thingy, which is $25/month....but once you download the App, it's yours). It's basically "RS Lite" don't match the phrase to the picture, but you get the picture, the Hebrew, and you repeat it. It has 3 sections - Speaking, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation. I've been playing with *could* learn the language with just this, but it'll take longer. Wish they sold it as a "stand alone" for those who want to see if they really want to learn, but.....:sigh:

5a. I noticed something yesterday. Hebrew Word Lite, which I downloaded first, doesn't use the same words for things that RS does. And...neither does EuroTalk. *Most* of the words are the same...but not all. "Boy", for instance. On RS, it's "Yelid". "Yelid" is *child* on Word Lite.....but RS has a separate word for boy (child) and girl (child)("yeldah") - which makes sense, since Hebrew has masculine and feminine forms.

6. I got nothing

7. Trailer: We are seriously considering doing the trade. We'll talk to them this weekend...we might get some new goats! :grin:

Need to rustle up more caffeine...I'z a tired fiberaddict!
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