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Running behind....

due to Herself having a MASSIVE meltdown (over Himself being up before her...I don't get it, either) AND a 3-car pile-up on the main Interstate out of our town. :sigh: Ah, tomorrow, so who cares?

Wrist is achy. I think the weather's about to change.....for the worse. We've got a lot of weird stuff going down - the 3 George's Dam in China is full for the first time ever, which HAS to be affecting the Earth's rotation (think unbalanced spin-cycle); we've got volcanos popping up all there any doubt our climate's gonna be screwy for a while?

I'm all stuffy and can't think straight - it's now settled at the bottom of my throat/top of my lungs. :sigh: HATE that. Not sick enough to go to the doc, not well enough to function at 100%.

Gals at DGI have helped me figure out how to convert our machine to do 4 goats at a time. Just need a bigger pump (well, maybe) and 8 "Y" connectors - 1 for each pulsator line and milk line. Easy-peasy! We'll be doing that with my bonus money - we're going to have 8 (or 9) on the stand next year, so this is a necessity.

Gotta skitter!
Tags: blather, goats

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