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Oooh, we're back! :happy dance: - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About Oooh, we're back! :happy dance:

Previous Entry Oooh, we're back! :happy dance: Nov. 11th, 2010 @ 06:58 am Next Entry
Let's see....my kitchen is spotless, all the laundry is done, most of the dishes are done (they're never-ending, though, as is laundry).....need to clean the barn and coop, but that's also never-ending. Got supper on - Chili. Mmmm....there's NOTHING like homemade chili on a cold day......too bad today is NOTHING like a cold day. :lol: (Himself requested it, so - why not? We gotta eat, and chili is pretty easy to throw together. Oooh! I can post a recipe! :lol:)

Recipe: I usually make 2 pound batches. It's easy to scale, though - just remember you need 1 more can of tomato sauce than pounds of meat. :nods:

Need: 2 pounds ground beef, 3 15oz cans tomato sauce, spices

Brown the meat. I usually add 2 Tbls Penzey's Taco Seasoning, to add some "kick" to the chili. Drain. Dump in crock pot with tomato sauce. Add 3 - 4 Tbls Penzey's Chili Seasoning (we use "Regular" PER pound of meat. Set on low, let 'er rip for 8 hours.

I didn't know until this AM that I was almost out of Chili seasoning....so I used 4 Tbls Taco Seasoning while browning the meat. I think I had 4 Tbls of Chili Seasoning.....it smells like chili, and the spoon *tasted* like chili, so I think we're good to go. :lol:

New doctor - I LIKE him. He talked to us, but kept tossing questions to Himself. Himself actually *talked*, which is major. He's also familiar with Aspie kids, so we'll be setting Herself up soon - gotta get Himself stable, first. I thought it went well - and Himself wasn't too upset by it.

We're going to pick out our new goats Saturday......:whee:

Think that's it for now...I gotta get Himself to school (he asked that I take him...why not?), then try to edit photos. Since I did all my chores yesterday, today is a "play" day. :grin:

Go hug a Veteran today!
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