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I think I promised you pictures.... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About I think I promised you pictures....

Previous Entry I think I promised you pictures.... Nov. 11th, 2010 @ 12:33 pm Next Entry
So, pictures you shall have! 2 posts - this one mostly fiber-related. :grin:

First up, the Aviator hat Herself made me. Commercial yarn - don't remember what, but it's wool. The colors are WAY off - the hat is various shades of green and burgundy. LOVELY!

It's got sort of a '30s or '40s vibe to it, which I love. It's supposed to be my barn hat....but I've been wearing it all over the place. :oops:

Fiber, Fiber everywhere:

That's River and Sunny. River is the FATTEST goat I've ever seen (not pregnant, I mean) and she is the SOFTEST thing. I want to drag her inside and cuddle up.....she's SO SO soft! Can't wait to play with her fiber!

Hobbes. The photo's not quite right - he's actually more red-toned. If he wasn't so stinky, I'd be in there petting him - he's almost as soft as River (his twin). I hope his Cashmere is reddish...I have plans. :nods:

Last year LaDue had smokey-gray fiber. Looks like it's more chocolate-y this year.....we'll see. Still soft...but River's got her beat!

Saffron couldn't stand it - she HAD to be in a shot. So, here ya go. :lol:

My Nubian herd. Hopefully they're all bred.....we'll be getting our 3 new Nubians this weekend, hopefully. If they're not bred, Calvin will be setting up his dance card. :lol:

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