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Today is a good day!

Because, you see, the wonderful, terrific, fantastic UPS guy delivered my Bissinger's order. Right before lunch.

Oh, joy! Oh, Bliss! 1 pound of perfect, wonderful, creamy milk chocolate surrounding lucious orgasmic flavor. Total chocolate nirvana.

IMNSVHO, Bissinger's has the *best* chocolate out there. Godiva, IMO, sucks - it has a horrid aftertaste to me. Same thing with Scharffen Berger, although the aftertaste is a bit less. Hershey's...OK. FRESH Hershey's, straight from the plant, is passable. The Hershey's in the grocery It's too horrid. Nestle's is OK for cooking....but for sheer chocolate goodness, it's Bissinger's all the way.

I think the main difference is that Bissinger's doesn't use metal molds - they make their molds, each time, out of sugar. Then they hand pour the wonderful chocolate. No bitter aftertaste, no added flavor. Just pure chocolate goodness.

I've been a chocolate snob for years.....and Bissinger's has yet to let me down. It is the only chocolate I willingly buy for myself (M&M's are simply a stop-gap; same thing with Hershey's kisses) and the only chocolate Steve would buy for me. It's also the only chocolate I even consider giving to people.

I am in heaven now....must go taste the delights herein again. You'll find me under the desk in a chocolate-induced coma.
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