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A day in the life of.....

A lot of people ask me what it's like, living with a Wolfhound. They can't quite wrap their minds around the reality of living with a Giant Speed I figured I'd do a photo post to document life with a growing Wolfhound. If you've ever thought about acquiring one, well, check this out first, OK? I wouldn't want you to be shocked by the reality....:lol:

These photos were taken over a few days, but they are typical of a day with a puppy. I did weed out most of the similar ones (if I had weeded ALL the similar ones out......well, you'll see. :snicker:)

Let's start at 5 AM, shall we?

"GOOD MORNING, BRIANNA! Rise and Shine!"

I don' wanna!

Well, OK - breakfast is nummy. As long as Mom didn't forget the milk! I can't eat dry cereal!

Eating tired me out.....I need a nap! hour later....OK, I'll get up.....

Ooooh...a sunbeam!

Wha?? I needed some sun!

Mom kicked me out....

Think I'll....take a nap!

Back inside. Look, there's room for 2 on the loveseat!

Mom's over at the 'puter. I need to guard her! :yawn:

She moved to the loveseat......she looks cold! I'll go warm her up!

Only a quick nap, Mom - then you need to move!


Ahhhh! She moved!

See, the loveseat's *just* big enough for me! Ohhh! Daddy's home! I need to go guard him, now!

Oh, now it's bedtime......Goo'night!

...but Daddy, I don't LIKE my bed! I wanna sleep on Bri's!

So, there you have it. A normal day with a Wolfhound puppy. I didn't show the playtimes - they are short, and fast. She and Snips go after it, growling and ruff-and-tumble. It's usually over before I can grab the camera. This, however, is how most of the day is spent. She's on the loveseat right now...I should say, she IS the loveseat. She's growing fast - you can practically see a difference every time she wakes up!

She's eating about 3 - 4 cups of Blue Buffalo Puppy Chow right now, but I'm going to switch her to the Adult food as soon as this bag runs out. The Puppy formula has a little more protein than I think she needs - I don't want her to grow too fast. This way, too, I can switch all 3 dogs to the same food, which will save $$ in the long run.

She's a love - and I honestly don't know how we managed to go so long without a puppy! Adult wolfhounds are great - but she's fun, too. :grin:
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