Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Weekend Recap....

Let's's been busy, as usual. Friday I finished the laundry - which was easy, thanks to being off Wed. and Thurs. Did NOT go to the bank - I did it online (but need to go in, as they couldn't process the application for some reason. :sigh: Should'a just gone in to begin with.)

Saturday....went to Home Depot for Physics Phestival stuffs. Called our goat mentors....SG had made a mistake. They weren't expecting us until TODAY. :giggle: Came home and worked on Himself's project.

Today.....went back to HD for more stuff. Made the mistake of wandering down to the appliance section - see, they are having a "Gigantic Appliance Event". I wanted to look at "my" washer and dryer set - I've been wanting a Maytag Bravos set since they first hit the market, but I can't spend $999 EACH for them (they started out at $1100 each, if I remember right, but they've been $999 for a long time). they had them on sale. BIG sale. The large Bravos set, which I have (I admit) lusted after....was on sale for $499 EACH. :gulp: SG and I discussed it.....and he pulled out the HD card. (See why I love the man?) This is half price, my dryer is almost dead, and we can pay it off with my Holiday bonus. (Which Ms. boss is already discussing, so we WILL get a bonus. She won't cut us - I don't think - but we may not get more. If it's the same as last year, we'll be able to pay the taxes and this with a little left over) No, it wasn't expected.....but it is much appreciated. (As a trade-off, I had to "let" him buy a jig saw, which was also on sale. That's OK...he needed it for the Physics thingy they're building.)

So, I have to sit at home the Friday after Turkey-day to await delivery. :grin:

Also, we had an answered prayer. T-day is next week.....normally, the kids would get out at 1 on Wednesday, but because my children are smart, and have aced the TAKS tests AND have all A's and B's, they are out All Week. (Gee, thanks School Board! This puts a lot of stress on working parents!). I have been all in knots over this - I can NOT leave the 2 of them home by themselves 3 days; it simply will NOT work. I'd have a kid in the hospital, for sure - Himself can't take Herself's bullying. What to do? Ms boss isn't THAT compassionate, I can't send 'em to daycare, they're too old, I can't get my mother to do it (haven't heard from her in a month :sigh:) I've been worried. Saturday evening Grannie called - when did the kids get out for T-day, and could she have them? I said "Monday - is Saturday too soon?" :lol: She's ALL excited; the kids are all excited, and I Praised God for it - answered Prayer! I'll have to reschedule Himself's psychologist appointment, but that's OK - I don't have to worry about his (and her) safety now. :happy dance: We'll do the usual T-day visit to SG's brother's, then we'll head to Ft. Worth to pick up the kidlets.

Still praying over the work situation.....hopefully we'll see something on it soon.

Oh - goats. :grin: 1 proven Nubian (that's she's gonna keep until she kids) that was giving 1 gallon/day (and I trust her records, so :yippie:), 1 Nubian doeling that we'll breed to Calvin, and 2 or 3 Cashmeres. (Not sure - we told her it was up to her. We told her what the trailer was worth, and what work it needed - it needs a new floor and painting. We've replaced the tires, had the bearings packed, replaced the hitch and jack, and had the lights and brakes done. I've seen worse ones on CL going for $800+..... but I told her to decide. The proven doe is worth almost that by herself, so anything else will be gravy.) We'll be getting all but the proven doe next Sunday....and we'll be going to the county soon after. Gotta get the paperwork in by Dec. 31 to *hopefully* get the exemption for next year. (She told us to bring our feed receipts - when I told her what I was spending, she said "They'll think you have MUCH more than 20 goats!" because...well....I feed well. I don't like skinny goats. :grin:)

Think that's all....
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