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Previous Entry :ugh: Nov. 17th, 2010 @ 06:08 am Next Entry
Didn't sleep well last night...too much on my mind, I guess. :sigh:

Brianna didn't eat anything wrong yesterday. This AM, she was killing one of Himself's dirty socks - silly pupper had gone into his room and pulled it out of the dirty clothes hamper! It was a hand-knit (of COURSE!), so I got it away from her....she seemed chastised. We'll see......

Have hay coming Saturday (I hope). We called the guy, and asked what it would take for *him* to deliver to us. I wanted 100 bales......he said for 100 bales, he'd charge $1/bale extra for delivery.....understand that delivery includes unloading and stacking. I told SG to tell him to sign me up and bring it out! Yes, we're paying a little extra - renting a 16' trailer would be $50, then the time it would take us to go out there, load up, haul it home, unload and stack it...it's worth the extra $50 to me. SG is finally starting to understand the way I think - he didn't argue about it at all. :grin:

Of course, this means the kids' going to Granny's will be in limbo - oh, they'll go, we just don't know what time.

Change of subject: People are whacked. We were talking at work yesterday about the probable failure of the dollar. *I* said that I didn't want to have a lot of $$$ on hand, because if it falls, it's worthless. Co-worker (who is usually highly intelligent) said "No, you're not thinking. I want to have $$$$ on hand. Because even if it falls, it'll still be worth the same to me as to you - and if milk goes to $100/gallon, well, I'll have it." UM. No, you won't - because IF the dollar falls (and I should say WHEN, not if), there will be NO money for the truckers to put gas in their trucks to *get* the milk to the store. So, even if you can "afford" $100/gallon milk, there won't be any in the store to buy.

It's coming......I just don't know *when*. I'm hoping it's not SOON-soon....I've got some stuff in the works to hopefully pay off the house - and I'd like to have *that* done first. It's not in my hands, though......

I just can't think like some people. It's why I've been telling folks to stock up for YEARS, now......it's just about too late. Things will go down fast - if you're not ready, well.......I'm sorry.
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From:Ali Snowdale
Date:November 17th, 2010 03:12 pm (UTC)
I tell my family the same thing about money - not that we have much - but when we do have some - I am wanting to buy things like hay, tools, lamp oil, canned goods, goats...what good will money be in your hand? My motto is money is a tool, use it while it works.
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Date:November 17th, 2010 04:32 pm (UTC)
I hear ya....I don't want the temptation, either. Too much money can cause ALL sorts of problems....I want just enough to pay off everything, and maybe buy the property next door (not that it's for sale, yet, but you never know).
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