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It has been one HELL of a morning. :sigh: Everyone's all pissy and stuff......not sure what's up with that.

Goats: We're getting a little under a gallon a day from our 4. Rosa is basically dried up - we're getting maybe a cup? from her - but I'm keeping her in the rotation in hopes that next year she'll be better.

Chickens: I haven't seen ONE egg since...well, September. They're all slacking, and I'm not sure why. I switched feed to see if that'll help - having to BUY eggs for T-day will surely suck!

Knitting: Washclothes. I can knock one out per day, on my commute. Up to 8, now....still need more. Need to take photos....I've got 2 styles; bias-knit and mitered knit. Both are amusing to work....:grin:

Gotta skitter - running behind!
Tags: blather, goats, knitting

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