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So, Himself's been coughing all night. I *think* it's just…


Previous Entry Jul. 28th, 2004 @ 04:44 am Next Entry
So, Himself's been coughing all night. I *think* it's just allergies, and not his asthma, since my head has been all stuffy, too...but it can slide right into pneumonia if I'm not careful.

Guess we need to hit the pharmacy tonight and up his neb. treatments.

Maybe I can catch a nap at the office today....

Spinning: I didn't get a full ounce in last night, but I did get the bobbin core covered (on an Ashford bobbin). The Shetland is turning into some nicee singles, and is practically spinning itself. Must try to do some more tonight. After my date with the belly dance nazis.
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spin a yarn
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