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I really, seriously, am exhausted. I got NO sleep last night. Usually, "no sleep" means very little, with interspersed dozing off. Last night? None. Nada. Zip. Why?

We had hay delivered yesterday. At 7 AM, we had the corner posts for the hay barn in...and that was IT. By 8, SG had the 2 walls framed (wall #3 was the back of the goat barn.) I had to take Himself to Saturday school (he simply can NOT find his it's either Saturday School or "0s".....he's too smart for zeroes, so...), so when I got back I started removing the tin from the back of the buck barn to use as the side of the hay barn (after putting Goliad in with Rosa.....). By 12, the hay arrived, and we had the 2 sides (1 tin, 1 plywood) and all but a 2' wide strip of the back *done*. Too bad the hay was the WRONG hay - he brought 100 bales of coastal, not Sudan. The horses were all excited, but the goats acted like we were poisoning them. :sigh: He took the hay back, and our goats arrived.

3 pretty Cashmere puffballs, and 1 very scared Nubian doeling. All adorable. In the goat pen they went - we chatted a bit, unloaded the horse trailer, loaded up all my jumps (I will never jump why keep them? J. can use them......:shrug:)....they left as the hay man was pulling in.

We helped unload all 100 bales (30 in the feed room; 70 in the new but unfinished barn)..then ran to Home Depot for rafters (we....didn't get them last week. :sigh:)

At 6:30 I was on the roof trying desperately to screw the roof the dark. We quit about 7.....

My wrist is swollen - and I don't know why. I had to pull my rings off at 11 PM - my finger was turning blue. Today, my left hand is bruising; I didn't fall on it, or pull it, or do *anything* to it. :sigh: I took 2 Ibuprofen last night...and started itching. So, no sleep.

There is NOTHING on TV late on a Saturday evening. I couldn't web-surf; I was too exhausted. :sigh: Poker after Dark came on......SG had to go out to the barn; Rosa apparently had had enough of Goliad, so she jumped the pen and was banging around in the milk room. He went to bed around 3...only to get up at 6 to help me milk.

By 7, we were back on the roof; finished it at 9, left at 10 to get the kids to Granny's. :whew:

I am exhausted. I am in pain. I am dead on my feet. But we have 100 bales of Sudan, we have a hopefully bred Alpine, and 4 new cuties in the barn (#5 will arrive after she kids - unless they can't get her which case, she'll arrive sometime in January.) I need to give Zorra and Zoe (the new Nubian) their Bo-Se shots and start watching them - we want to put Calvin in with them. But not today - I am too tired.

The plan tonight is eat, milk, sleep. Hopefully.
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