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Churchianity is dead..


Previous Entry Churchianity is dead.. Nov. 22nd, 2010 @ 07:20 am Next Entry
and I want to make it official - I will NOT be associated with Christianity. Why?

We went to Barnes and Noble yesterday, to try and replace my Complete Jewish Bible. I was searching their collection - granted, they're a secular store, but *still* - and was appalled. There was the "Bug Collectors Bible" - a NIV with a bug-decorated cover. Not too bad, but....then there was the "Manual"...a "man-only" version of the NIV (what happens if a *female* dares touch it? Does she get damned to Hell?)....the oh-so-cutesy kids' Bibles....the various "Busy Moms" versions...the condensed "Message" version (all I can say to that is WTH?)....but what got me? What made me decide that there was NO hope for the church as it stands today?


I'm sorry, but the Bible deserves better than manga. It....this is just wrong, on so many levels....the simple fact that a "real" Bible publisher thought this would be a good idea...I....I can't think like that!

:sigh: I still had faint hopes for the Church - very faint, but there. Now? None at all. I embrace my Jewishness with Belief in Messiah, and will no longer look at a church with any feelings other than sadness......and pity for those still caught in it's web of lies and deceit.

It's a sad, sad day in Fiberaddict land......(oh, and B&N doesn't carry the Complete Jewish Bible. Neither does Borders. I'm going to have to go to Mardel's for it..or order it from Amazon. That says a lot, right there.....)
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