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This one tops the "Eye of Aragorn" for sure...

OK, a while back, Publish America, a vanity publisher (as opposed to a traditional publishing house) made a few....rude comments about the Science Fiction genre.

So, some thirty or so s/f writers decided to write the worst novel they could, and submitted it to Publish America under a psudonym to see if they would publish it. They made an offer, and sent a contract.

When they found out it was a hoax, they withdrew the contract. *g*

Wanna see this literary masterpiece? *g*

Be's a bit of an.."interesting" read. Each author was given a very brief plot outline, and told to write a chapter. Not told *which* chapter, mind's......."interesting". (A computer program wrote chapter 34. It's.....interesting.)

"Interesting" is the best way to describe it....*g*

Oh, and I made it halfway thru Chapter 2 before having to quit. *g*
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