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It's beginning to look a lot like...

Winter......yeah. 35* when we got home last night! :brrrrrr: Looks like it's the same right now - but I'm too comfy to get up and actually check the thermometer. :grin:

Yesterday went well, I think. Lunch at the in-laws, then went to pick up kids from Granny's. I had the headache from Hell - I think I somehow got into some Aspartame. :sigh: Still, good food and conversations. Cowboys lost, but not by much. Red J is doing well as interim head-coach....

The new washer-n-dryer are supposed to be delivered between 9 and 1. I have to go to the grocery store - we have very little food! I need to figure out logistics.....hard when I haven't eaten since lunch yesterday (stupid, I know....:sigh:)

Need to go milk goats. Frozen milk - yum! :grin:
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