Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness


It was 27* outside this AM. Morning milking wasn't fun - the machine was too cold or something and wouldn't pull vacuum. :sigh: So, I got to hand-milk 3 while Sweet Geek fed the horses and tossed hay. He did Mocha while I did Zorra.......I have owie-hands today. :shrug:

I gotta save our morning routine for posterity. After we milk and I get dressed, it's time for the kids to get up. I go into Herself's room first, and call Bree.....who proceeds to "Find the girl! Can you find the girl? She's in the bed!" :snicker: Once she's up, we go "find the boy!"

This isn't as simple as it sounds...both kids sleep with every. single. toy. they, think ET in the toy pile. :nods: Still, it wakes 'em up with a smile, and Bree seems to enjoy it, too. :lol:

Hannukah begins tonight at sundown. I ironed the tablecloth last night (eBay find - $21! It's blue, white, and silver, with menorahs, candles, and dreidles on it. VERY pretty, and festive!), and cleaned the menorah. We discussed it, and will start celebrating tonight....the kids AND SG agreed. So, we'll have prezzies at the start of the day instead of the end. :shrug: Too bad the kids are grounded from video games for *2* weeks. That makes the big prezzie sort of.....sad. Ah, well - maybe they'll learn to watch what they say, and to do chores properly.

Breakfast time! Gotta skitter!
Tags: blather

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