Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Cold. Random stuffs....

37* this AM. Have I mentioned our weird weather? :sigh: Can't get in the groove if you don't know how to prep!

Leaving work at noon today - Himself has a doc. appt. HERSELF has one (with the same doc!) tomorrow....but we get off at noon tomorrow anyway. Next week Herself goes to the psychiatrist....I get to call in "sick". I am...sick of work and all the drama.

Yes, it's drama-filled, just like it ALWAYS is when we come to bonus-time. :sigh: I'm tired....and hoping the Lord has it set so I can leave in January. I'm hopeful......

Had to get a money order this AM. (Yes, there are some places that do NOT take CCs or Paypal or Checks....) It wasn't huge, but it was over $200. The lady in line behind me watched me count out the money, and said "Whoa! That's gotta hurt! What is that, 1 - or 2 - week's pay?" :blink: First up - how rude! Secondly - none of your business. I, however, am polite, and didn't say what I thought....I just sighed and agreed with her that yes, it sucked, but hey - what do you do? (And I'm thinking...$200 as *2* week's pay??? Ouch!) It was odd....

Had a thought about Hannukah on the drive in this AM. It's the "Festival of Lights", right? AND the Feast of Dedication.....well, in the Lutheran (and maybe all chrischun - not sure) infant "baptism" ceremony (not going there...*I* see it as infant dedication, but others will argue.....whatever), at the end the pastor says "......go forth and let your light shine among others...." cool, isn't it? You're dedicating your child to God, and the ritual uses words that evoke Hannukah. (I'm...not going anywhere with's a fragment, but I wanted to get it down because it's *cool*. :grin:)

Need to bring that up tonight and see what the kids make of it.....
Tags: blather, religion

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