Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Still Cold

37* this AM. In our office it's about 60*......WAY too cold for me! :shiver:

Had to hand-milk all 4 this AM. For some reason, Mocha isn't milking out on the machine....Zorra hasn't been, and Rosa's only got 1 side still going. It doesn't make sense to hook up the milker for 1 goat. :sigh:

Goat Coats got shipped today. :happy dance: Dusty's blanket should be delivered in a bit - it's out for delivery :2nd happy dance:

Doc appt went well. He gave Himself a quick IQ test - do I really need to say the boy is in the 99th percentile? I didn't think so...Himself also said he wants to go to MIT. :blink: O...K then. Doc said that, quite honestly, Homeschooling should not be an option for him, because MIT will look at "real" grades first....and if he wants to go to MIT, he'll need the paper. (Not sure I totally agree with that - PBS has done LOTS of shows with HS'd MIT grads. So......yeah. We'll see...)

Herself goes to the doc today. We'll see how *that* goes....
Tags: blather, kids

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