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As Promised - Pictures!

OK, I don't have as many of my Hanukkah present, but the 2 I have are good ones. I also have goats! :grin:

I won't be a tease - we'll start with Baby Surprise:

I tried to adjust the color here - this photo was taken at about 7:15, and it was still sort of hazy and...I want to say dusk-ish, but it was morning. :grin: Not much sun. She was just *barely* 1 hour old here - her ears were still wet when we managed to grab her for some imprinting.

This is the best one of her face I got - she has her dam's blaze! And 4 white socks....she's gonna be flashy. It *looks* like she'll stay chestnut, but I can't be 100% sure. It's just a feeling I have....

I need to get one of her in her John Deere blanket, but I'm not sure if I can. I'll try. The foal blanket I nabbed on eBay is being shipped Priority tomorrow, so hopefully she'll have a "real" one soon. This is good - rain is forecasted for Wednesday, and I'm not sure what to do...maybe put them in with the bucks? They'll fit in the barn....but I'm not sure the bucks would be good to her, or that Heart would be good to the bucks - she's VERY protective. She's bit SG, and tried to kick me 2x now.

Anyway.....have a current photo of the Bree:

She's grown - a Lot! Her tail is no longer the longest part of her body...:lol:

And, y'all haven't been "introduced" to the 4 newbies! Let's fix that:

There's the 4. The 5th is an adult Nubian, and is at the breeder's until she kids.

This is Zoe. She's Nubian, and very skinny compared to our girls. We're working on it! SG doesn't want to breed her until next year, so she gets to just bum around this year, along with Dulcinea. Not sure how I feel about that, but it's not a hill I'm willing to die on, so...:grin:

Stormy - she's the smallest of all our goats...she's *really* tiny. She's a triplet, which explains a lot. Her fiber, well - look:

I wish the photo could be *felt* - she has THE softest fiber I have EVER sunk my hands into. SUPER-soft! She will be bred next year for sure, to see if she passes it on.

Breezy. She's a bit skittish, but getting better. Also soft, but not as soft as Stormy (or River, even). We now have 3 young goats that look least Breezy has an ear tag!

Windy (do you see a pattern, here? :lol: I had NO clue what to name them....Stormy set the "theme".) She's got interesting fiber - it looks sort of latte-colored. Can't wait to see how it sheds!

Here's the 3 new Cashmere's - can you see how small Stormy is compared to the other 2? The other 2 are just slightly smaller than our homebred girls.....but Stormy is, like, a mini-Cashmere. Hope she grows!

Need to go out and milk, and re-blanket everyone.

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