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Previous Entry :brrrr: Dec. 7th, 2010 @ 09:44 am Next Entry
It's cold in the office. :shiver: Still, it's not as bad as yesterday - I can feel my fingers today!

Ms boss is, in her words, "doing OK". Alrighty, then - we are supposed to go to lunch today. We'll see....

Baby Horse is doing well. I have fuzzy photos of her in her John Deere blanket - she wouldn't stand still! :lol: Her real blanket should hopefully arrive today or tomorrow....it was 28* this AM, so she needs it.

Goat coats are at the PO....I'll pick them up tomorrow. I'm off - Herself has a doctor's appointment.

Hanukkah prezzies last night were a hit - RC Airplane for Himself, and RC Dragon for Herself. BIG hits! :beam: No prezzies tonight, since we *cough* ran out of funds *cough**cough* :snicker: They'll get a big surprise tomorrow evening...:lol:
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