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It's Friday...


Previous Entry It's Friday... Dec. 10th, 2010 @ 08:56 am Next Entry
which means 2 doc appointments for the kids. It'll be a late evening - 1 is at 3, the other 4...so, we'll get home around 5:30-ish (I gotta buy dog food, too....at least TSC is *right* there!)

The DS's are still a hit. I gave them to them right after dinner (so....say 6:30-ish). Herself immediately went and took a shower, then sat down and happily played until 7:45, when she turned it off and handed it to me with a smile. Himself sat down and started in with Clone Wars.....looked up at 7:50, handed it to me, and RAN into the bathroom. I figure, I'll have his DS over the weekend. :giggle: Time management, he does not have.

My sweet Husband brought me hot chocolate this AM. (All together now: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww) It's cold out, AND in the office, so this is nice.

I've been setting up spreadsheets on our budget. :sigh: We gotta get this under control....$16K in credit cards/student loans/personal loans. :boggle: That's more than I owe on the Jeep! I'm hoping I get enough bonus to cover the property taxes and at least 1 of the bills.....I've informed him that this year's refund will mostly be applied to the credit card bills. I can't do much about the 2 mortgages, but I CAN get rid of (most of)the pesky CCs. (And yes, I've contributed to the CC balances.....I try not to, but when he pulls out the plastic to buy *me* something, or the kids, it's hard not to argue. Take my washer and dryer, for example (only, no, you can't - I love them!))

My Hanukkah Surprise pony is doing well - she has figured out bucking! And rearing up! Only we're not too good at either, yet - we tend to fall over. But it's ok - we just jump up and try again! :snicker: She's the CUTEST thing - and so prancy in her turquoise blanket. :lol:

Not much else to report this frosty AM....
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