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So. Cold. 32*. Water troughs were frozen this AM. Goats shivering - it's COLD.

We went house-hunting yesterday. DISCLAIMER: WE ARE NOT MOVING, NOR ARE WE CONSIDERING IT. We need to move SG's aunt closer; if we can't get the property next door, then we have to have a plan B. So, Friday I spent some time scrolling down's listings for our area. Found 1...a log home (!) on 11.8 acres (!!) for under $200K (!!!). We drove to look at it, liked the outside, so called the agent to see it.

It was horrid. Foundation problems - the back of the house was about 6* lower than the front. ALL the logs were cracked....and some of the logs had termite damage. Some idiot tried to catch the front on fire - but log homes don't burn quickly (which is why I like them. Fire insurance is much less!). The property was also a disappointment....there were 2 ponds behind the house that effectively rendered the back acreage unusable.....ah, well. We're not seriously looking right now anyway - and this was just Plan B.

The realtor did say that when SG is ready to sell his house to call her - she has a son-in-law that would jump on it for his family.

Y'all gotta understand - I LOVE my house. LOVE it. This is where I'm supposed to be...but we have built all we can here. 5 acres is a lot..but it's not enough when you have...mumble...8...horses, 20 goats, and 25 chickens. 3 outbuildings, a pool........a large pond and a creek. We need more land, just to be able to put up a barn for the horses. *I* do not want to move - the thought of moving the chickens alone gives me hives - but I told SG I was open to it IF the Lord wanted me to move. He's ok with it....but we *have* to get his aunt closer.

This is why I'm trying to knock the CC bills out.....the owner of the cow pasture next door just died. I don't know that it's for sale, or will *ever* be for sale...but that would be ideal. The property on the other side is a rental - supposedly the folks were renting-to-own....but I have doubts. It's 9 acres.....and already set up for a house (it has an older DW on it now). Don't know if it would be available...besides, someone's living there. The pasture at least is empty...but we'd have to do all the prep work. :sigh: Hence the looking at established properties nearby.

We also took Bailey to the vet.....his toenails were horrid and he won't let us touch his paws. He also had a suspected tumor on his belly.....which I didn't really want to deal with. But you gotta.....

Turns out it wasn't a tumor, it was an abcessed cockleburr. :shakes head: The vet removed it, shaved him down (he was all-over cockleburrs!), did his feet - it's amazing what all you can do when the dog is sedated! :lol: Poor Bailey is nekkid now....and in one of the goat sweaters. :snicker: The abcess is clean, and we have antibiotics to give him. He's all stiff and sore today....but he looks *much* better. Probably feels better, too.

Baby horse is fine and frisky. She had wiggled out of the blanket yesterday, but was most appreciative of it when we popped it back on her. She's trying to figure out hay, today...:lol:

Gotta go label soap.....
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