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Break out the tank tops -

it was 38* this morning! With a high in the mid-60s! Whoo-Hoo, it's a heat wave! /sarcasm

Yes, I live in the land of bizarre weather. I remember one winter.....the weekdays were in the 80's. The weekends? Low 20's. No joke - Monday thru Thursday you'd run around in shorts, Friday a front would move in and the temps would DROP to below freezing....Monday AM was usually cold, but by noon a Southern Front would move in and we'd be back in shorts. Crazy.....

Heart is doing fine. I went to check on her last night and she pinned her ears back and did the "snake-head" thing. :snicker: Guess 1 shot of Pen. was enough! :lol: We've added alfalfa to her ration, just in case she's got something going on with that.....I just am at a loss on what could be going on. (Dairy goats can get...I don't remember the term, but it's a calcium imbalance where they start pulling calcium from thier bones to make milk. You reverse/prevent it by feeding enough alfalfa to keep the levels in balance - down here we basically free-choice the pellets.)

Bonuses were revealed yesterday.....a little more than last year's. So, we have enough to pay taxes and pay off a small loan I took out. :whee: No big spending, but that's OK...I'll use my severance for that. :snicker: and :sigh:.....because she's pulling the "my health is bad" trick now. I just want it to BE OVER, y'know?

Got a post swirling around...Ali sparked it, but I have to get it to make sense to *me*, first. Might take a's about agendas. In papers and movies......
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