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Hooo boy, the things I get into....

Today was the annual chili cook-off and dessert auction (benefits the Youth Group) at church. I was a judge for the cook-off...all of the chili was edible, some was better than others. I want the receipe on one of them - not for chili though. If the cook had added garlic, it would have been an *awesome* spaghetti sauce. As it was, it was blah..but we called it "Best Mild" and let it go.

The winner was very balanced, not too hot, not too spicy, but just right. All 3 of us judges liked it - and so did Himself, who finangled himself to the table and started nibbling on the samples.

The auction is where I got into trouble. *g* It is the only fund-raiser the Youth Group has, and (as I found out) folks tend to be very generous with their bids. Since I was there early, I got to see *all* the entries...and when one walked in, I knew it was Mine. But, more on that later. *g*

It started slow - a slice of cheesecake went for $8. Cookies for $5....Himself was begging for dessert, so when a plate of chocolate chip cookies came up (8 cookies), I jumped into the fray. $6 later, he was happily noshing.

I stayed out of the bidding during the banana pudding ($75), the Mississippi Mud pie ($105), the German Chocolate cake (went for $115!!)...and then. Oh, and then....

The Black Forest trifle that had MY name on it came up. The first auction hit my limit pretty quickly...the husband of the cook won it (for...$110 or $115.) He graciously put it back into the auction. *evil grin*

I opened it at $ $80, I was sweating, but..the only other bidder only went up $2..I said $85, and he bowed out. (I told you it was Mine!)(Hey - you put chocolate, cherries, and whipped cream together on *almost* anything, and I'll jump on it. I said *almost*!!)

We packed up, I wrote the check, and off we went. It is now sitting in my refridgerator, chilling down for the big face off at supper.

It consists of: a 1.5" layer of chocolate cake (I'm thinking devil's food, but won't know until I dive in), a 1/5" layer of cherry (looks like pie filling), a 1.5" layer of chocolate pudding, a 1" layer of whipped cream...then repeat. Oh, yum!! topped with chocolate shavings.

Oh, and I get to keep the glass serving bowl it's in....*g*

Now, I have to find an awesome dessert to auction off next year...anyone got any ideas?

*Edited to add: OMG, it is *wonderful*!! I am about to succumb to a chocolate-induced coma......*g*
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