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It's Friday...

the last official work day of 2010. I have to come in Monday to do some contract stuff, but I'll be out by noon (hopefully). The kids get out at 1:15 and 1:30 today, so I'll be hauling it home.

Finally got the kitchen floor sorted. Took *3* cycles of the dishwasher to get rid of the suds....and I think the vinegar is what did it. :snicker:

36* this AM. Supposed to be freezing tonight.

I seem to be in a "waiting" mode. Can't focus on anything, can't read, can't knit, can't do ANYTHING. It's like when I'm waiting for the postman or something.......

SG and I have been doing a lot of talking. I will be unemployed soon - either by the boss or my choice. The neighbors are refusing to pick the kids up from real reason, so we don't know *why*...and it's too far for Himself to walk, and Herself, well, can't. :sigh: So...we're working on a plan. Lots to think about!

Boss is due in...stupid, but there ya go. :sigh: Better get busy....
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