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Previous Entry It's Monday... Dec. 20th, 2010 @ 07:41 am Next Entry
and I'm at work. :blech: Oh, well - I'll be outta here by noon, so no biggie.

We're having problems with Himself at school. MOST of them are because he is SO smart - no mom brag here, just honesty - and he has no clue how to relate to kids his own age. The school has no idea how to relate to a 10 year old who is - again, honestly - as smart as most average adults. :sigh: I had to take off early Friday to pick him up, and had to get an "emergency" appointment with the psychologist...who said, basically, "there's NOTHING wrong with this kid, he's just Too Smart." :bangs head:

Add to that the fact that co-worker is giving her notice when we come back the 3rd....yeah, I will be UNEMPLOYED soon. :huzzah: and :ohshit: I'm actually ready..but now SG is freaking out. :sigh: Can't have it both ways - so he needs to get his head straight. We're still working on finances.....:sigh: It'll be tight, but do-able.

Kids are at Granny's this week...it's quiet. :grin:

Hens are back on-line - we got *6* eggs Saturday! Only 2 yesterday, but I have a full dozen in the fridge again - AFTER taking a dozen to Granny's. So, we have eggs again! :happy dance:

Need to get cracking on the contract work - I want to have an early lunch with SG so I can GO HOME. :whee:
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