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Previous Entry Update.... Dec. 22nd, 2010 @ 11:19 am Next Entry
Wow. Ran to WalMart......first off, I have NO business shopping when I am this exhausted. My ability to bargain shop goes right out the window. :sigh:

I had found tires at WM online...for $98/each. Not too bad; LT, 225 75R16. Now...I don't have a printer - wait, I have a printer, but this Mac refuses to communicate with it. And has ever since we bought it. My darling IT husband "doesn't have the time" to mess with it.....and that cost us today.

See, normally I would have printed off my choice, run to the store, and gotten the same thing at the same price. I have no printer, so I made a note of the tire and cost, and ran to the store......where I got charged $130/each. And look - they don't have that price listed ANYWHERE. :bangs head:

So, $642 later (because you don't pay just the price per tire, no, you have to pay for the road hazard, the balancing, the...I dunno, something - which drives the price UP. Pardon the pun.) I have nice new tires. I couldn't find the damn ones on my iPhone....so I had to accept the charge and go on. :sigh: I had to have tires.....but I wanted to get less expensive ones!

Such is life......"darling" husband is being a jerk right now. Guess it's stress.......but when I tell him I don't like something, and that's the exact thing he gets me, I have to wonder where his brain is. (Seriously. He asked if I liked chicken sandwiches last night. Nope, not ever, can't stand 'em. He goes to Jack in the Box (which is a WHOLE 'nother story - can't stand THEM, either) and gets me.......a chicken pita. :bangs head: When I pointed out that he bought me a CHICKEN SANDWICH.....he said "Oh. Yeah. But...it's not *really* a sandwich!" as if that would magically make it *taste* better to me. :blech:)

Off to find some pain meds...I need to knock myself out a bit. I iz tired. So tired I am making stupid mistakes on my sweater.....
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Date:December 22nd, 2010 07:01 pm (UTC)
Not that this helps now but maybe for next time--I just bought tires last month from TireRack.com and saved a ton of money. I paid $72/tire for really fantastic tires, $63 to have them shipped to a local installer, and then paid $20/tire installation (all inclusive, pre-negotiated price). If I'd bought the tires retail, I would have paid at least $120/tire plus whatever they'd charge for installation. I want to say that it took a week altogether from ordering to having them on my car.

Hope you get some rest soon!
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