Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

No sleep for the weary...

again. :grrrrr: It's my elbow....I dunno what I did, but I did *something*. It's not bad enough to go to the ER, doc is closed until after the 1st. So......:sigh:

Need to get photos - baby Surprise is growing like a weed! Heart has become a bitch - she won't let anyone touch her, she postures and threatens to kick if you come too close....the last straw was Wednesday evening, when she tried to kick me when I was feeding. (I had the audacity to try and *touch* her shoulder! How DARE I!) I've put the nix on that - she is getting hand-fed now. IF she does it with no attitude, and lets me touch her neck/shoulder, I'll go ahead and dump. If not...well, she threatened to kick me, so she got NO food Wednesday evening (She won't starve - she's got her own round bale in the paddock with her). Yesterday AM it was just ears pinned, so after 10 hand-fulls I gave her the full bucket. Last night it was only 1 ear, and I was allowed to touch her face. Little brat - she's gotta get over this attitude; she's too big to keep that up!

Not much else to report - still working on the sweater. LOVE the color, love how the yarn knits up, Love how squishy the fabric is.....we'll see how long it takes me to become bored with it. :snicker:

Gotta go milk...which doesn't help my elbow, but it's gotta be done.
Tags: blather, knitting

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