Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

So. Busy.

Let's see...up early yesterday. Headed out to pick up SG's aunt, drop her off at his brother's, then on to Ft. Worth to pick up the kids. Stayed about 1.5 hours there, then headed back to SG's brother's for the annual Giftmas gathering.

Too damn many people. I....hate large groups, especially when I don't know half of them. It was.....not fun.

Stayed....a few hours, then thankfully left to drop off the aunt and go home. Where we watched Despicable Me, milked, then ran to Denny's for dinner (nothing else was open. Ah, well....)

Today was not a good day. Supposed to go to SG's dad's...but SG had a major meltdown (over soap. *I* thought he wanted ugly soap for his step-mother. She's "family", so I didn't mind....only I discovered the soap was for HER cousin/friend....and I can NOT gift ugly soap to an unknown/unrelated person. It......this is a sue-happy society. What If she got a rash, and decided to blame MY soap? (Which...won't cause a rash, but prove it. :sigh:) I told him sorry, no...and he LOST. IT. :sigh:) We were supposed to go there, then head to GameStop to test the warranty on Himself's DS - the L and R keys don't work. :sigh:

So, we stayed home. Which was good, as *my* dad came over. SG helped him with his new phone.....

I finally finished ball #1 of my sweater. Have about 8" of the back done - that's halfway up to the armpit! :stoked:

Gotta get ready to milk again. We're still getting about a half gallon/day....not to shabby. Although it takes 4 goats to do it....:grin:
Tags: blather, goats, knitting, sweater

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