Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Busy day today...

because I have to do all the things we were supposed to do yesterday. :sigh: GameStop, JoAnn's, Barnes & Noble, Entertainmart....yeah. LOTS of running around. :sigh: Plus, I get to do it single-mom, since SG has to work. (Which is why I wanted to do it YESTERDAY).

Ah, least I didn't expose my kids to his step-brothers. Seriously....they are in their late 30s, and both of them are...well, 10 year olds. Maybe. TOTALLY crass and crude - and I have an Aspie, who - in "family" situations - tries to mimic those around her. Yeah - totally NOT appropriate. And SG simply does. Not. Get. It. :sigh: (Why, yes - we DID have more issues last night..why do you ask??)

Am I out of line? I their grandmother's FUNERAL, the oldest sat there and discussed - with ME, a relative outsider - his oldest (15) niece's sexual escapades with her boyfriend. AT the lunch. LOUDLY. Loud enough that the folks in the other room were staring. (And that was mild.......:shudder:)

I don't choose to associate with....that type of..humor? Behavior? Normally....even if they are family. I mean, c'mon - can't you be civil for a few hours???

Ah, well - need to rustle up some breakfast, then get the kids up. We need to leave no later than 9 to fit all this in today. Tomorrow is STAY HOME day. And NAP day.
Tags: blather

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