Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

So, how's your morning been?

Let's up at 5:30 and milked goats. Came in, filtered milk, baked cinnamon rolls (don't get excited - Pillsbury mini's. They were good, but...not worth the price.), then started a batch of chili. After SG left for work,I handwashed a load of hand-knit socks, then I went and painted the Master Bath. :snicker: Got done by 9:30, too!

It needed it.....see, it was an example of faux finishing gone *terribly* wrong. The idea was "sunlight dappled thru leaves". I had some leftover paint from the bedroom - and nice, dark-ish sage green. I had a pint of a slightly lighter shade - the plan had been to sponge the lighter over the darker in the bedroom, but after the base coat dried, I liked, no sponging. I was tired of the boring white bathroom, so.....well, I decided to use both colors (mixed with glazing medium) to sponge the walls.

Technique-wise, it was perfect. Execution-wise....well, imagine sage green and leaf-mold green sponged on a bathroom wall...and tell me what it looks like *to you*. To me? It looked like my bathroom needed to be condemned for black mold. :shudder:

I've lived with it over a year, because I was desperately trying to come up with a "fix".....but it's a no-go.

The walls are now a *lovely* sandy/golden/fawn color. GORGEOUS, and looks good paired with the Master Bedroom. I need to do the trim (bright white, I think) and touch up the ceiling...but I'm tired.

Of course, new paint meant that I needed a new shower curtain (plus, the old one was torn and icky.) Well......I found the perfect one, but it wouldn't match the :grin: A quick trip to Wallyworld, and I have a new bathroom.

Wonder what SG will think? (He has NO IDEA. If I had told him, I would have had to wait, and let him "help", and...I don't have the patience. He thinks you have to paint By The Book. Me? I mask off as I go, shove everything to the center of the room, and clean up drips as they happen. Much quicker - and cheaper, since I don't buy drop clothes. Latex is easily cleaned up with water, so what's the big deal? I'd rather get it done quickly and spend the rest of the day doing whatever. (2 hours is all it took. If he'd helped...we'd still be painting the first wall. Seriously. He did agree on the color-choice a few months ago, so that's OK. I didn't choose the color all on my own.)

Think I need to sit and work on my sweater now. I'll nap's raining, and it's cold, and I need to knit.
Tags: blather

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