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NTIF and blather....

NTIF (North Texas Irish Festival, for those not in the know) is coming up - March 5 & 6. I will be there both days, spinning wheel in tow. Not sure *which* wheel, at the moment, but it's looking like the Joy gets to play. Unless, of course, AA gets my new baby wheel to me before then. *g* The Scottish Castle? It stays home, safe from unruly children, idiotic adults that should know better, and clumsy drunkards.

You'll be able to find me in the Clan Encampment, with Clan MacClellan. Not sure which garb, yet...I usually decide the morning of. *g*

Also not sure of which *fiber* to bring. Not the Alpaca - my demo spinning tends to be...not so much. What with all the interruptions, questions, "here, try this!" isn't at all consistent. Still very usable, but not impressive to folks who've asked you to process their precious fiber for them. Guess I need to dig around in the stash......need to find the flashlight and the hardhat first, though. Oh, and a safety line! *g*

Haven't been able to drum up any enthusiasm for the loom lately. It sits and stares at me accusingly....and I have some handspun Shetland taunting me from the yarn pile. *sigh* It's slated to become a scarf, but I need to dye it first, then figure out how to wind it. (AA is holding my Swift hostage until the wheel is finished. grrrrrrrrrrr...patience is NOT one of my virtues, unfortunately.)

Maybe I should plan another set of dishtowels? I got some awesome yarns from Webs a few weeks ago....
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