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is soap-making day. And hopefully Post Office day...but we'll see about that. It's POURING right now - granted, it's 54*, so it's not freezing, but when I say Pouring, I mean....Thunder-Boomers. I ran out to milk at 5:30, because the rain had "stopped". Got Rosa and Annie on the stands; had Annie half-way done when *BOOM*!. ALL the goats Freaked Out, I had to stop and calm everybody down.....then the rain hit. Sounded like hail. :shudder:

I'm trying to upload photos of the Sweater....they're cell phone photos, because if I dig out the camera, I'll feel obligated to take "real" pictures of the goats, baby Surprise, Bree, the new's best that I don't. :lol:

This was taken at 11.5", at the end of the FIRST ball of yarn.

I have to keep going to 16.5" before doing something "new" - in this case, binding off a few stitches for the armpit. It's mindless knitting for the most part - my fingers know the pattern, so I'm on auto-pilot.

Detail - I LOVE how the Northampton yarn knits up. I foresee many more purchases of this yarn - it's yummy, it's squishy, it knits up quickly, and the cables "pop".

If the sweater looks familiar, it should - it's identical to the one I finished for Sweet Geek earlier this year:

I don't have any hand-knits larger than socks, and I'm cold all the time. I decided to "splurge" and buy me a sweater's worth of yarn...I had this pattern, I've knit it before, so...why not? (And...splurge is funny, since it was only $49 worth of yarn. :snicker:) The detail shot is closer to the true color - it's a beautiful, deep, green.

Herself is up, so I'd better start getting stuff together for soaping.
Tags: blather, knitting, soap, sweater

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