Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Let's see....

1. Made 3 batches of soap. Would have kept going, but ran out of lye - will pick some up today or tomorrow, and get back into mad scientist mode.

2. Made it to the armpit of the back of my sweater. On the right track to get it finished by New Year's (the back, not the whole sweater - I'm not that insane!)

3. Got covered in mud last night - Daisy came up limping. She's OK - no heat in her leg or hoof, no cuts, nothing IN the hoof that I could find. She's now sporting a pretty blue halter, and she let me use a pick on her hoof.

4. My Dyson doesn't suck. :frown: We can't figure it out - if I can't find a local repair shop, I'll have to replace it. And it WILL be another Dyson, because they are the best vacuums I've ever used.

5. JoAnn's/Boye needles suck. Monday, I bought a pretty Rosewood circ in size 8. Got it home, and 1 tip was an 8, the other a 6. SG took them back yesterday, got a *new* set of 8s....only they weren't. They were 10s. (Factory sealed in an 8 box. :sigh:) He's taking those back today - and he took along my needle sizer. I wanted nice 8s, dammit! (I'm using my KPs 8s...but I don't like KP. I'd like to switch to something less.......offensive.)

6. 60* this AM. 'Nuff said.
Tags: blather

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