Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Happy New Year

I hope it's better than last year was! Sorry for the radio silence yesterday - we spent most of the afternoon at the ER.

:sigh: Let's up to milk at 6:30. Annie and Rosa went ON the stands perfectly. I milked 'em out, then unclipped both (normal so far). Rosa turned around - normal - and I dumped Zorra's feed in her tray (also normal). Annie was still scarfing down feed (normal)...I got Rosa off the stand...and all Hell broke loose. She took off like a shot....did a quick run-by the boys, then headed to the feed room. Caught her, hauled her in, opened the goat pen gate...and she slammed me into the post and got out again.

I look into the milk room - Annie has jumped from her stand to Rosa's, and is happily munching Zorra's feed. :grrr: I forget about Rosa, and go get Annie....who decided that the goat pen is EVIL and must be avoided. :pulls hair:

I decide the Hell with them and I let Mocha and Zorra out....but both of them decided that the milk room was Evil. :sigh:

LONG story short - it took 15 minutes to get the goats sorted, and Zorra pulled my left arm 2x. I HEARD the elbow pop......:deep sigh:

I decided it wasn't *that* bad, so we went on with our plans - I had found a new Dyson on Craigs List to replace my currently dead one. (Back in August/September we noticed that the suction was, well, gone. NOT normal for a Dyson...and SG can't figure out where the blockage is. I haven't been able to find a repair shop I've been watching CL....yesterday AM I found a Brand-New, Still in the Box Dyson Animal...for less than HALF Price. Yes, it's could have been an unwanted gift. (Judging from the guy's house, either of those is possible.) So, out we went.

We then hit Home Depot...seems my $30 gallon of paint is a LOT more expensive than I bargained for. SG decided we needed to paint the trim (OK, I'll give him that) AND change out the light fixtures. :rolls eyes: I will admit, the bathroom is looking fantastic! :grin:

About...noon, I couldn't take the pain anymore, so we headed to PrimaCare, who took one look at my history and sent me to the ER........X-Rays don't show any breaks, so the doc put me in an Ace bandage ("you'll know when to take it off!") and a sling. If it's not better in 5 days...yaddayaddayadda. I'll be calling my Ortho Monday. :sigh:

Today was re-do the bathroom day. SG painted the ceiling and switched out the 2 light fixtures. I "supervised". My mother came over for 30 minutes or so, which was cool, then we went out for dinner.

Mocha is in heat - I guess she slipped the pregnancy. She's been with Calvin all day - and he bred her at least 6 times. :fingers crossed: this one sticks. I need to check Annie- Inara's *huge*, but Annie's not. :sigh: Might be breeding her again this week.

Gotta go soak my arm in Epsom salts. Fun stuff.....
Tags: blather, country life

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