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The weather outside is...


Previous Entry The weather outside is... Jan. 5th, 2011 @ 08:43 am Next Entry
WEIRD. Frozen fog this AM in some areas, heavey, damp fog in others. 41* when we went out to milk......supposed to be in the mid-60's today; low 30's this weekend.

More dead birds in LA....I'm telling ya, this ain't right. Once is an accident, twice is "coincidence" (I don't belive in coincidences) and three times is enemy action. This is 3 sets of dead birds, and 2 (I think) sets of dead fish. *Something* is going on....

Our animals are weird. Windy got her head stuck in the fence last night, couldn't get free, so she hollared. We went out, couldn't pull her free, so SG went to get the wire cutters. Silly goat shut up, turned her head to look at me, then PULLED HERSELF FREE. :sigh: Daisy is now 2-legged lame; her right fore is better but still limpy; last night she'd done something to her left rear. Leah sucks as a mother - I think tonight we'll be force-weaning Daisy. She can bunk with the bucks (their barn door is horse-sized; the dairy goats is goat-sized) until she's healed up. She's already eating well.....and I'm worried about her going down and coyotes getting to her.

MIL has decided this is the Year of Soap. So, SG told me to price "real" molds - with silicone liners - and he'd get them for me. :whee: and :gulp: They..aren't cheap. I need to negotiate with him....I can buy 1 mold and a bunch of "replacement" liners, and he can build me the boxes. If he will...he's at the point he doesn't want to make *me* stuff, he wants to do *his* stuff. :grin: Still......we're talking $$$ here. :shudder: He did surprise me with a multi-bar soap cutter, because he decided it was cheaper to just Buy one than to futz around trying to build one (this, after we've spent $30 on wire and hinges. Ah, well.....I can use them for something!)

Kids are doing well. Still hate school...so do I. :grin:

Brianna has discovered she can JUMP on the bed. :lol: Let's see...she's eaten the bedroom rug, she's jumped on the bed, she's cleared the table...yup. We have a Wolfie! :lol:

Not much else to report. Elbow is still wrapped....I only use the sling when I have to. It's too cold to go jacket-less, and it's too uncomfortable to wear a jacket in the sling. :sigh:
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From:Ali Snowdale
Date:January 5th, 2011 03:02 pm (UTC)
When you said LA - I thought you menat *my* LA...not the state. but now I see. Last night we had a couple of dogs get in the yard and killed the two little chickens that were in my dad's garden - Tore his fence up again (the same one that was crushed by a falling tree last summer)

I am thinking that the fish and birds are being affected by magnetic disturbances affecting their brains and causing confusion - their little internal GPS just going haywire. Although it might just be toxins that those small critters cant's process - like something from the oil spill - though now they are saying bunches of dead aniamls are turning up in New Zealand, Sweden, Delaware - if it was solely oil spill damage you'd think it would be moving with ocean currents in a predictable pattern.

My husband's elbow is giving him greif also - remember the elbow is tied to the wrist - so even if your elbow is stuck in one position - if you are using your wrist you are stressing it. Take it easy.
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