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It's always something....


Previous Entry It's always something.... Jan. 6th, 2011 @ 08:37 am Next Entry
Had to have the vet out for Daisy last night. She was worse - not only was she lame on 2 legs, but she had a hematoma on her right fore shoulder. Didn't call my horse vet - for one, he doesn't like to work evenings/weekends, and his farm call charges go up accordingly, and 2, I like the new vet and want him to stay around. I was pretty sure nothing major was wrong....but he doesn't know us, and won't sell meds without seeing the animal (I *KNOW* it's the law. Some vets will bend it if they have a relationship with you and know you aren't doing something illegal with it.). I just wanted some Bute - I need to have it on hand, anyway - but he needed to *see* a horse before he'd sell me some. :sigh: and :slight eye roll:

Anyway - 2 bad strains, and the hematoma will need to be drained most likely. I can do that - I hate it, it's gross and messy, but it's not hard - and he seemed to relax when he realized that I *do* most of my own doctoring. (Sorry, but I can't pay a vet every time a horse/goat/dog/chicken gets a boo-boo. I can give basic vaccs and perform minor first aid. I can even do some major stuff - stitches? Not too bad, as long as I have the meds on hand. Diagnosing something "odd"? Not so much - ths was just odd enough that I didn't mind getting a real opinion on it.)

Daisy's now weaned - Leah didn't even notice. Stupid horse.....bad mama. I don't like horses like that - too much work for the people later. :sigh: Daisy's in with the bucks - they were curious, but not too much, so she was OK. This AM she was glad to see us, and moving a little better. Gotta Bute her tonight....vet gave her Banamine last night - she was in such pain she didn't even flinch at the shot. I'm supposed to give her Penicillin tonight - he was surprised I keep it on hand (why not? It's the first line of defense when something tramatic happens to a critter, and you can get it at any feed store, AND it's cheap.) - just to head off any infections. We didn't *see* any open wounds...but if the hematoma abcesses it could get nasty.

He's going to go looking for a copy of "Goat Medicine"...:heh: I need to ask him if he has a portable ultrasound......:double heh: I'd kinda like to know if the does are bred, and how many kids to expect...and I'd prefer to not have to buy my own machine (they are pricey. Granted, I have 20 goats and it'd pay for itself in 2 or 3 kidding seasons...but still. Can't quite justify the cost to myself. Yet. I can't even really justify the Preg-tone, which is about 1/3 the cost...so......:sigh:)
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From:Ali Snowdale
Date:January 6th, 2011 03:25 pm (UTC)
our vet is charging $60 for the house call and $5 per goat to ultrasound. I was reading the other day about ketosis and the article said if your goat has twins it increases their Carbohydrate requirements in the last trimester by 180% and if they are carrying triplets it increases it by 240%. I have found over the years that my eyeballs don't know how many babies are inside - a lot of my girls carry triplets - but if I feed them all like they have trips and there is only one baby there - what I end up with is a fat girl that has a hard time delivering her way-too-huge baby.
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Date:January 6th, 2011 03:47 pm (UTC)
Yeah - that's why I keep hitting eBay hoping for a bargain Ultrasound. :sigh: I need to ask this vet if he has one....it'd be worth it to me to have him come out and *do* it, y'know?

The visit last night was only $110. Let's see.....it was 7:15 when he got there (after hours), it was an emergency call (seriously - I called them at 6 - they close at 5), it was a *horse*, not small animal (he'll work on anything, which is why I like him - and he admits when he's clueless!), and he got luvvved on by Goliad and Calvin (can you say "STANKY"? :lol:). He did a physical, took her temp, gave her a dose of Banamine, and left a tube of Bute.

$60 was the exam fee. NO house-call fee, NO emergency fee - just $60. $50 for the Banamine and Bute - I don't know the breakout, but if I remember right Bute costs roughly $30/tube.

My horse vet? $75 house call fee, up front. $50 After hours/emergency fee. We're already at $125, and he hasn't gotten out of the truck yet! :sigh: I LOVE my horse vet, but......the good news is, he'll sell me Bute/other presecription meds because he *knows* me, and he knows I don't ask for stuff if I don't know how to properly use it. It's just that, if it's not 8 - 5 Mon - Fri, I can't afford him any more. (Granted, he's the ONLY horse vet in the tri-county area that still makes house calls. Most vets around here have given up on large animals (because, let's face it, most horse owners are special snowflakes that think their horses poop gold and argue about the diagnosis. :sigh:) and gone strictly to "companion animals".....which is bad, because horses/cows/goats/etc need medical care, too - and not everybody has access to a trailer (oops...that'll be remedied with our IRS refund this year!). Or can get the critter IN the trailer - there's NO WAY Daisy could have been loaded - she couldn't have hopped up, and she's too heavy for us to man-handle her in.
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