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It's always something....

Had to have the vet out for Daisy last night. She was worse - not only was she lame on 2 legs, but she had a hematoma on her right fore shoulder. Didn't call my horse vet - for one, he doesn't like to work evenings/weekends, and his farm call charges go up accordingly, and 2, I like the new vet and want him to stay around. I was pretty sure nothing major was wrong....but he doesn't know us, and won't sell meds without seeing the animal (I *KNOW* it's the law. Some vets will bend it if they have a relationship with you and know you aren't doing something illegal with it.). I just wanted some Bute - I need to have it on hand, anyway - but he needed to *see* a horse before he'd sell me some. :sigh: and :slight eye roll:

Anyway - 2 bad strains, and the hematoma will need to be drained most likely. I can do that - I hate it, it's gross and messy, but it's not hard - and he seemed to relax when he realized that I *do* most of my own doctoring. (Sorry, but I can't pay a vet every time a horse/goat/dog/chicken gets a boo-boo. I can give basic vaccs and perform minor first aid. I can even do some major stuff - stitches? Not too bad, as long as I have the meds on hand. Diagnosing something "odd"? Not so much - ths was just odd enough that I didn't mind getting a real opinion on it.)

Daisy's now weaned - Leah didn't even notice. Stupid horse.....bad mama. I don't like horses like that - too much work for the people later. :sigh: Daisy's in with the bucks - they were curious, but not too much, so she was OK. This AM she was glad to see us, and moving a little better. Gotta Bute her gave her Banamine last night - she was in such pain she didn't even flinch at the shot. I'm supposed to give her Penicillin tonight - he was surprised I keep it on hand (why not? It's the first line of defense when something tramatic happens to a critter, and you can get it at any feed store, AND it's cheap.) - just to head off any infections. We didn't *see* any open wounds...but if the hematoma abcesses it could get nasty.

He's going to go looking for a copy of "Goat Medicine"...:heh: I need to ask him if he has a portable ultrasound......:double heh: I'd kinda like to know if the does are bred, and how many kids to expect...and I'd prefer to not have to buy my own machine (they are pricey. Granted, I have 20 goats and it'd pay for itself in 2 or 3 kidding seasons...but still. Can't quite justify the cost to myself. Yet. I can't even really justify the Preg-tone, which is about 1/3 the
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