Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's snowing....

lightly. After getting about 2" yesterday, and 1" of freezing rain. It's below freezing, and ICY. Milking Slip-sliding least I didn't fall. So far, school is still in session, but late....which means I go in late. :sigh: If we're lucky, they'll cancel school - right now, they open at 10.

The soap smells *fantastic*. This go-round, I did mostly cream soaps....we only had 2 gallons of milk, but while rustling around in the dark recesses of my 'fridge I unearthed some whipping cream that was out of date (do NOT ask, 'k? :lol:).....since lye doesn't care, and since it really doesn't matter in soap (seriously. I know a soaper that uses the leftover lamb-bar milk in her soaps....she picks out the hay, but it's been out in the barn all day long. Her soap is still fantastic - the lye eats all the bad stuff.) I decided to go ahead and use it (Man, is this a LONG sentence, or what? :lol:)

Anyway, it was all slightly sticky - which is to be expected with cream soaps. The first batch was 100% cream - it turned into soap on a stick when the lye hit. The rest of the batches I mixed in 20% goat's milk - it still solidified, but not as much. My cutter sliced right thru them - it was so nice to have 6 perfect bars with 1 "thump". (It's a Cumberland Multi-bar cutter - a wooden version of the Tank.) I really do wish I done this sooner - the lack of effort, and the time savings is well worth the cost!

I also did a double batch of shampoo bars.......all was great until SG de-molded them. Both molds popped the soap out too quick for him to catch - out of 24 bars, 6 are "ugly", and, therefore, MINE. :lol: Slight dings, flat areas - I don't care. It still works!

The kids are glued to the TV, watching the news with the hopes our district will close. Our county/city offices have closed (we live in the County Seat) they have high hopes. :snicker:
Tags: blather, soap

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