Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
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Need I say more? I know you Northerners are laughing at me right now, but Damn! It's not supposed to get THAT COLD here! I mean, I know I roll my eyes at y'all complaining about your 100* summers, and how y'all are melting - that ain't hot! Let me show you our August - 110* is normal!'s not supposed to get down to 22*! That's too cold!!! /whine

I'm glad I ordered a home last night and my loverly puppy presented me (quite happily, I must add) with *2* freshly-killed craft foam liners. Apparently, foam-covered-with-duct-tape tastes divine, especially when there's a trace of fresh soap in them. :sigh: At least I know her mouth's clean! (And this further proves my point on not borrowing stuff right now. :sigh:) I put in an order for 2 Uplands - they won't charge me until they ship them out mid-February, so I figured I'd better get the order in now. This gives me 3 molds, all the same size. (Once they get here, of course. :lol:) I've got to figure out someplace to put them - right now, all my soaping stuff is in a large Sterilite container in the kitchen. The molds/liners are kept in the over-large styrofoam chest, on top of the container. The 2 killed liners were on top of the chest, waiting for me to get around to washing them out. I think I'll have to figure out if all 3 15" molds will fit in the chest.....

I'm gonna go sit in front of the woodstove until time to leave. I need to make sure my hair is perfectly dry...and the stove is nice and warm!
Tags: blather, pets, soap

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